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This narrative essay contains the description of the dream job. As Job description is very important in the workplace, it serves as a guide to employees. It narrates why the company hired them. It presents the criteria on how employers will evaluate their performances…
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Creating Your Dream Job
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of My Dream Job (First Middle Initial of School Job is very important in the workplace. It serves as guide to employees. It narrates why the company hired them. It presents the criteria on how employers will evaluate their performances. In connection, I created a job description and specifications for my dream job. As a Human Resource student, I want to understand how the workforce can be more productive. I believe that employees should be guided accordingly and precisely so they can play specific roles as expected. Likewise, a company needs to create a good job description to succeed in business. This is the basis for recruiting and hiring staff. A well-experienced applicant might not be appropriate for the position available in the company; in the absence of a well written job description, human resource department might consider his previous qualifications. Hence, following the job descriptions and qualifications aid companies to effectively hire, evaluate, improve or promote, and reasonably terminate employees. Description of my Dream Job XYZ Company hires a Regional Human Resources Manager to be assigned to monitor and control workforce of all its branches within the ABC area. This is a great opportunity for applicants who have experienced in dealing major management activities which is challenged with cultural diversities. Regional HR Managers are often confronted with problems regarding cultural differences in the workplace – it is his major battle to face. The table below outlines the job description and specification of XYZ Company in hiring Regional HR Manager based on “Job Description Writing: A Step by Step Guide”: Job Title Regional Human Resources Manager Position Summary This job is designed to help unified the process of all the branches within a specific region (ABC area) in terms of recruiting, hiring, training, promoting or terminating employees. The Regional HR Manager should be equipped with the necessary skills in dealing employees and training them to play the roles as defined in their specific duties and assignments. He will ensure the productivity of the workforce by reuniting them in spite of cultural diversities such as conducting training and different seminars in creating a smooth workflow of tasks and responsibilities. Job Requirements & Qualifications Education Required: Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management Experienced Required: Applicants must have at least 3 years of experience in similar field of management or 2 years of experience as a human resource manager in any type of establishment within the ABC area. License/Certification/Degree Required: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Other Skills Required: Applicants must have high level of speaking, writing and listening skills. Speaking, Writing and Listening are crucial skills in order that a Regional HR Manager can fulfill his mission within the organization because communication is one of the most vital tools to manage the workforce. Applicants must undergo a language and communication skill tests using different medium such as the ability to use various Microsoft Office Applications before the final screening. Supervisory Responsibilities The Regional HR Manager will supervise all levels under him in the ABC area. The organizational structure is very good. The rank and file is allowed to directly communicate with the Regional HR Manager in some given circumstances but his direct supervision will be given to the managers of all the branches of the organization within the ABC area. The rank and file has given a direct voice to the Regional HR Manager through using the online comment system wherein they can drop their opinions, complaints and the like directly to the Regional HR Manager when there are some conflicts they cannot able to solve with their supervisors and managers. This online facility is especially designed to support both low and high level positions within the organization. The main function of the HR Manager is to unite the workforce despite of cultural diversities and he must listen to all sides to form opinions and decisions regarding hiring, termination or promotion of employees. Although he cannot hire, promote or terminate employees directly, his decisions and suggestions can greatly affect the decisions of any particular branch/establishment of the organization within the ABC area. In addition, he will closely look at the most important factors to increase productivity of the workforce to achieve the organization’s goal. His responsibility includes conducting a quarterly seminar to be held on the main branch of the ABC area which will be attended by managers and supervisors and selected subordinates, as well. The Regional HR Manager will maintain transparency and all the topics discussed on the seminar – and activities conducted during this quarterly event will be made available on the online facility for the benefit of all people within the organization. This information is not just available for the ABC area; it is also available in the entire organization in different regions. Fiscal Responsibilities Financial responsibilities might be out of the scope of the Regional HR Manager, but his report can affect how much money should be allocated for hiring and recruiting new workforce within the organization. The most important thing, he would decide how much money should be taken out from the company to enhance the ability and skills of the present employees. His decision is crucial for allocating budget for training and conducting seminars and other related events in order to enhance the skills of all the employees within the organization to be more productive with their respective roles and assignments. Internal/External Contacts The Regional HR Manager has a direct voice within all areas of the organization that’s why his reports and opinions are crucial in making decisions within the Human Resource Department of the entire organization. He has a direct contact to the highest and lowest level of the company making his role powerful in its organization structure. Physical Demands The Regional HR Manager should be both physically and mentally able person. He is expected to face a lot of problems where his physical body is needed in order to come up with important decisions. For instance, he needs to stay up late to review comments dropped on the online facility to hear the voices of the rank and file levels within the organization in the ABC area. Likewise, when a crucial decision should be made in the Human Resource Department, his alertness and logical mind is needed to form important, practical and effective decisions. Working Conditions and Environment He will face diversity. That’s the major challenge of the Regional HR Manager. His major responsibility is to unite the workforce to increase productivity. He will be travelling a lot though communications are virtual and electronic in most cases, but he will conduct actual visits of all the branches within the ABC area. Job Duties/Responsibilities This part is already discussed in the Supervisory Responsibilities but a recap should be mentioned here with some important additional duties within the organization. As mentioned several times, the major role of the Regional HR Manager is to increase the productivity of the workforce within the ABC area by uniting all employees despite of cultural diversities. Cultures can greatly affect the working environment or the so-called ethics in the workplace. He is responsible in making decisions in recruiting, promoting and enhancing the skills of the workforce or employees. His role is crucial within the organization as his decision can greatly affect the decision making of the Human Resource Department of the ABC area, hence his decisions can greatly affect the productivity of the entire organization. In addition, he is responsible for preparing report and creating and drafting agenda for seminars and meetings in connection with promotions, terminations and enhancement activities and events. In connection, the compensation and benefits package of the Regional HR Manager is proportionate to the complexity of his role in the organization. Please see the table below: Core Compensation Amount Percentage Base Salary $ 120,000.00 67.5% Bonuses $ 11,200.00 6.3% Value of Benefits Social Security $ 9,777.78 5.5% 410K/403B $ 4,800.00 2.7% Disability $ 1,422.22 0.8% Healthcare $ 7,466.67 4.2% Pension $ 8,711.11 4.9% Time Off $14,400.00 8.1% Total Compensation $ 177,777.78 100% The compensation and benefits package is based on salary of “Regional Human Resource Manager” on The base salary of $120,000 is above the median of $95,290 of the United States National Averages. This base compensation is good enough since the job is only requiring 2 to 3 years of experience of HR management compare to some similar jobs that requires at least 7 years of experienced in the same field. The bonuses have a good percentage for the total compensation and the total of 32.5% of the bonuses and other benefits are reasonable enough for the job. Furthermore, a performance appraisal is to be conducted every year to measure the productivity of the Regional HR Manager. His performance will be measured based on the following factors based on the “Performance Evaluation of Managers/Supervisors” on California State University: 5. Outstanding 4. Exceeds Expectation 3. Meet Expectations 2. Needs Improvement 1. Below Expectations Employee – to be filled by employees the Regional HR Manager’s management Evaluator – to be filled by other regional HR Managers or supervisors Work Products - does the regional HR manager produce reports and the like to achieve his outlined objectives? Teamwork & Cooperation – does the regional HR manager fulfill his mission in uniting employees despite of cultural diversities? Does he successfully promote teamwork within the organization? Initiative – Does he able to identify the problems and provide practical solutions to solve them in no time? Commitment to XZY Company – does he dedicate his time to improve the workforce of the company? Relationships – does he successfully develop effective working relationships with entire workforce? Communication – does he listen? Does he communicate his message clearly in all possible medium to the entire organization? Management Knowledge – does he follow protocols in decision making? Dependability- does he finish his tasked on time? Is he highly dependable with the organization? Planning – does he present strategic plan to further enhance the productivity of the workforce? Leadership – leaders are followers. Does he show the ideal leadership everyone can follow? Does he live by his rules? Fiscal Management – does he maintain appropriate budgetary controls regarding the improvement and enhancement of the different distinct skills of the entire workforce? Support of Policies – Does he support the policies? Often times, leaders do break their own rules. Developing Others – does he effectively evaluate subordinates? Does he use his authority to enhance and encourage the workforce to be more productive? Problem Solving – Does he develop solutions to the identified problems within the workplace? Computer Skills – Does the Regional HR Manager utilize his skills in the Microsoft Office Applications to do his job efficiently without asking other staff to do the technical stuff for him? Accounting Software – does he show interest to learn how to use the company’s accounting software? Attitude – does he display positive attitude and promote the so-called “big picture” rather than concentrating only on his own duties and responsibilities? Overall Evaluation – does he fulfill his mission as the Regional HR Manager? Have you seen improvement within the workplace? Narrate your observation in the following sheet provided. The publicly available performance appraisal criteria of the California State University are the ideal appraisal programs used in evaluating the overall performance of the Regional HR Manager. The result might not be all outstanding as we know that no one can perfectly masters all areas in life, and that is true when it comes to work. The overall evaluation at the bottom serves as the final grade – it will be indicated if his performance has contributed significant improvement and enhancement to the productivity of the entire workforce in the ABZ area. References Rice Unconventional Wisdom (n.d.). Job Description Writing: A Step by Step Guide. Retrieved from California State University Foundation (2010, March). Performance Evaluation of Managers/Supervisors. Retrieved from (n.d.). National Averages Regional Human Resources Manager. Retrieved from Financial Wisdom (n.d.). Financial skills to prepare for a lifetime of financial security. Retrieved From Read More
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