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Probably in a presentation that helps HR professionals measure up and understand their core competencies best, the HR profession map is a great reminder of all the things need to be kept in mind while acting as a full scale human resource professional. The map is a circular…
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HR Practices
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Download file to see previous pages While the behaviors outlines the HR professional’s attributes that one needs to develop and use through the work, the bands concentrate on describing the transition from one level of professional competence to another, measuring up the contributions and outcomes of the strategic steps used in each level.
The map has two core areas which represent the two core professional areas of HR practices. The first one is named, ‘Insights strategies and solutions’ and is placed at the innermost core, while the second one is the outer core of the map and is named, ‘Leading HR’. ‘Insights strategies and solutions’ concentrates on enriching HR practices by providing all the tools and facts that need to be maintained in the development of a viable HR strategy, solutions to address all issues within the strategy, and insights from external and personal experiences to help reach the right combination of strategy, outcome and solutions. These include measuring up employee and customer profiles and prioritizing political, social, and technical relationships and decisions. The ‘Leading HR’ segment concentrates on qualities required to achieve excellent personal and team leading capabilities. The section also identifies the required solutions to deliver performance and add value to HR teams led and manage HR budgets.
For both the core professional areas, the Performance and Rewards band can be tested out at band four. For a senior HR professional, the use of performance and rewards strategies would lead to better performance by the junior members of the HR team. The ‘Insights strategies and solutions’ and ‘Leading HR bands are well addressed by senior HR professionals when they use a performance and rewards approach in determining each step.
Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is all about giving your organization the benefit of multi-background employees who are competent enough to understand the dynamics of different markets. Three main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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