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In a news article entitled “2014 State of Safety” written by Morrison (2014), the author provided relevant information which disclosed the declining trend in terms of reported work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The report emphasized the role that the…
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News article that is relevant to one of our human resource management topics
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News Article Summary al Affiliation News Article Summary Summary of the Article In a news article en d of Safety” written by Morrison (2014), the author provided relevant information which disclosed the declining trend in terms of reported work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The report emphasized the role that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) role in manifesting this improved trend. Emphasis and commendation was relegated to OSHA’s ability to assist employers in improving health and safety in the work place through provision of clear standards, as well as enforcing them. Likewise, it was also stressed that through the provision of needed education and information on maintaining health and safety to employers; in conjunction with routine visits to ensure that organizations adhere to the proposed standards and regulations, the overall state of safety has significantly improved.
However, Morrison (2014) also asserted that budgetary cuts allegedly threaten the continued exemplary performance of OSHA. As noted from the recent disagreements in funding which resulted in temporary federal government shutdown in October 2013, OSHA’s operations were significantly affected in terms of the inability to conduct scheduled routine visits. It was revealed that “the alliances and partnerships the agency maintains require travel, and travel dollars may not be available under budget reductions” (Morrison, 2014, p. 2). In addition, another noted facet which is projected to be affected by the budget cuts is the training to consultants and compliance officers to maintain the level of professionalism and updated knowledge on adherence to health and safety in the work setting.
Overall, the decline in trend for reported injuries, illnesses, and fatalities was emphasized to be a collaborative effort between OSHA and the employers, to ensure that both are committed in ensuring that the work place remains completely safe.
Relevance to the Course
The subject is relevant as it expounds on the topic on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. One acknowledges that it is the obligation and responsibility of employers to ensure that the work place is completely safe; so as to prevent injuries, fatalities, and illnesses. As such, through the creation of standards, as disseminated by the OSHA, the article proved that the agency had been instrumental in improving the overall state of safety in the long run.
One strongly believes that safety and security is one of the most important needs of employees that should be met to sustain motivation in the workplace. A safe and healthy employee had been observed to exhibit the ability to perform well and to exemplify high productivity. As such, employees who are in good health condition exemplify lesser absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, higher morale, and overall lower turnover rates. Likewise, one affirms that workers who are maintained within the safe work environment would contribute better to financial stability and organizational growth.
It is commendable that the OSHA works collaborately with employers to provide the needed guidelines, standards for safety, as well as conduct routine visits to assist and advice in improving safety and health in organizational settings.
Morrison, K. (2014, January 1). 2014 State of Safety. Retrieved from Safety and Health Magazine: Read More
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