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Provide adequate background to the Retail Supervisor job at Warwick Castle - Essay Example

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It is important that job descriptions be accurate and relevant. Interviewers would fail to select the best qualified worker if this information were not available. They should provide…
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Provide adequate background to the Retail Supervisor job at Warwick Castle
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Extract of sample "Provide adequate background to the Retail Supervisor job at Warwick Castle"

Download file to see previous pages rmance standards to be achieved, Working conditions and possible hazards, Number of employees performing the job and to whom they report to, the machines and equipment used on the job. As far as the job description contains sufficient information it should not give too much detailed information of how the work is going to be performed so that it can remain useful when that type of job acquires minor changes.
This includes the job title, the department, the reporting relationship, a job number or code. A good tittle should closely approximate the nature of the work content and will distinguish that job from others.
The job analysis date is placed on the job description to help in identifying job changes that would make the description obsolete. It is recommended that to place an expiry date on the document because this practice ensures periodic review of job content and minimizes the number of obsolete job description.
This part helps to locate the job in the organization by indicating the job immediately below or above it in the job hierarchy. It also gives an idea of the vertical relationships of work flows and procedures.
Person specification is a written record of the requirements sought in an individual worker for a given job. It refers to a summary of the personal characteristics required for a job. It is a statement of the minimum acceptable human qualities necessary for the proper performance of a job. Items included in the job specification are factors that can be shown to be job related such as educational requirements, experience, personality traits and physical abilities. It is important as it keeps interviewers attention on list of necessary qualification and assists to determine whether candidates are essential qualified. The description below entails a person specification for a retail supervisor job at Warwick Castle.
The supervisor should also be a true role model, able to coach his team effectively to achieve success-this should be done by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Provide Adequate Background to the Retail Supervisor Job at Warwick Essay.
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