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Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor - Assignment Example

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"Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor" paper focuses on this position which has a central role in food providing organization as it is responsible for the maintenance of all the major tasks related to the organization. The author describes the major tasks are expected from the supervisor…
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Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor
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Extract of sample "Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor"

Download file to see previous pages The industry has witnessed new challenges in this age of globalization, where the companies and brands belonging to divergent societies and cultures of the world are offering their expertise and services to the millions of customers of different socioeconomic backgrounds in pole-apart regions. This competitive state of affairs has accelerated the responsibilities of the foodservice supervisors to a great extent, and they have to work hard in order to meet the growing requirements of the wide range of clients and customers on the one hand and to combat with the always exceeding challenges related to the food industry on the other. 

i. Skill Variety: It is one of the most imperative responsibilities of the supervisor that he should have command over all the procedures necessary for preparing and presenting the hygienic food. In addition, he should have skill and vision for keeping the entire environment neat, clean, healthy, secure, and up-to-date. For this purpose, he must remain in constant communication with the suppliers of food, cooks, waiters, sweepers, and other staff members to ensure the availability of sufficient Raw material as well as to be aware of the needs and requirements of the staff members. Hence, he should possess leadership skills to fulfill the needs of staff so that the staff could work diligently for the service of the clients and customers. Thus, the position of supervisor demands leadership qualities as well as command over multiple duties to run the affairs in a systematic way.

ii. Task Identity: Task identity is a very important responsibility before the food service supervisor. Different tasks of the supervisor include assuring the fulfillment of different duties necessary for the proper presentation of food prepared for the customers and consumers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor Assignment.
(Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor Assignment)
Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor Assignment.
“Job Redesign: The Food Service Supervisor Assignment”.
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