Compare Samsung and McDonald's Job design and how Samsung can further enrich its workers - Essay Example

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Therefore, this means that the management is faced with extra tasks when it comes to implementing the appropriate job design for the organization…
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Compare Samsung and McDonalds Job design and how Samsung can further enrich its workers
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Samsung and McDonald’s Job Design and how Samsung can Further Enrich its Workers Mc Donald’s is one of the world biggest fast-food restaurant franchises with branches globally (Daft, Murphy & Willmott 2010, 14). Therefore, this means that the management is faced with extra tasks when it comes to implementing the appropriate job design for the organization. Each staff at McDonald’s has their own specific duties assigned to them. For instance some are specifically assigned the cleaning duty, some are stationed in the kitchen to cook and others work on the cafe or serve the customers at the front desk (Williams, 2012, 39).
Furthermore, there are supervisors whose main function is to supervise the entire crew and managers who look after the performance of the restaurant. The corporation is incapable of meeting the need of the entire task or ensuring they are assigned the right task. Consequently, this leads to the job affecting the staff negatively (Williams, Hall & Champion, 2011, 48). The job can be seen to be rather monotonous, repetitive and boring and there is no room for employee’s skills to grow. The employees do not get any kind of challenges career wise (Parker & Wall, 1998, 34).
On the other hand, Samsung is a large electronic corporation which is established on a global level. The job design is a bit more sophisticated as compared to McDonalds given the technical nature of its operations. At Samsung, the staffs work in different departments depending on one’s specialty (Electric Company & Soscher, 1990, 26). These include public relations, program designers, sales engineers, field test engineers and others. There are managers who handle each department and are responsible for their performance. In addition, there is also an overall general manager who sees to the running of everything in the corporation (Stones, 1989, 72). The employees get on job training that helps them improve on their skills and ascertain that they are able to execute their duties to the best of their ability. In addition, when employees have the right skills to perform their tasks they are likely to be more satisfied (Kusluvan, 2003, 16).
Samsung can further enrich its workers by offering training on other skills or areas of expertise. This will help to broaden their scope of knowledge and skills, and consequently ensure employees stay happy at the organization (Reilly & Williams, 2012, 56).
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