Chapter 3, Security Surveys and the Audit, in the Fennelly textbook - Essay Example

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This strategy is necessary due to the recent failures of the conventional security gadgets in detecting threats that almost lead to loss of lives. One such…
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Chapter 3, Security Surveys and the Audit, in the Fennelly textbook
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Homeland Security looked into covert body scans due Why is this type of development necessary in the United States?
The Department of Homeland Security needs to incorporate the Covert Body Scans into the country’s security system. This strategy is necessary due to the recent failures of the conventional security gadgets in detecting threats that almost lead to loss of lives. One such example is the recent Detroit failed plane terrorist takeover case, where the security instruments failed to detect the guns carried by the terrorists as they boarded the plane. Other incidences where conventional policing has failed include the increasing shootings in academic institutions, illegal crossings at the Mexican border and bank and retail shops robberies. The advanced Covert Body Scans would detect concealed weapons in these cases in a detailed manner, such as which conventional methods like body taps would not.
The Covert Body Scans would also ease up the long passenger queues caused by the current slow security systems, thus saving time for passengers and other officials. On the onset of security threats, many travel avenues heighten security measures leading to long queues, cancelled trips and inconvenienced passengers. The covert security scanners would see an end to this since they can scan people as they move through, thus eliminating long, stagnant queues. These systems are also useful in that they are multipurpose in nature that is they can detect a wide variety of security threats from airborne pathogens and illegal immigrants, to concealed weapons (Fennelly, 2013).
2) Where would the implementation of these technologies be acceptable?
The implementation of the covert security scanners is acceptable wherever imminent threat to human lives is constant, either directly or indirectly. Such locations include airports, academic institutions, the Mexican border, entries to prominent buildings like major banks and the white house.
3) Would the implementation/testing be permissible for the private sector?
As indicated earlier, these security systems are a necessity wherever there is a threat to human life. Statistics indicate that more security threats occur in the private sectors than the public ones. These include private institutions like schools, banks, and shopping malls. Some, however, would argue that this development would be an infringement of the right to confidentiality. There requires to be a balance between the value of life and the preservation of privacy. Furthermore, Homeland security assesses and mitigates privacy implications that could result from developed security systems.
4) How would the implementation of these technologies help safeguard life and property within critical infrastructure?
Such security technologies would definitely be of immense assistance in safeguarding lives and property if implemented. The covert security scanners expose objects in as acute details as none other gadgets can. For example, terrorists have come up with weapon concealing methods that none of the current security checks could detect. The covert systems would however, beat them to their game as they leave no cavity in any object unexposed, proving its efficiency in safeguarding lives and property.
5) Can you think of any recent current events where the use of this technology would have been useful to the American public?
Many recent security threats would have been averted had the security systems been implemented. Such cases include the Nevada school shooting of October 2013 that led to the death of three people; the attack of Metcalf electric station where 16 gunmen stole 17 transformers and the left the station in a highly life threatening state and the LAX airport shooting that occurred last year and left 11 people dead. Had the covert security scans been implemented, there would have been early detection of weapon in all the above cases, giving the authorities enough time to take the necessary mitigations (Frank, 2011).
Fennelly, L. J. (2013). Effective physical security.
Frank, T. (2011,March 4). Homeland Security looked into covert body scans.Retrieved from: Read More
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