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Textbook Evaluation Justification - Assignment Example

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On the other hand, the book Harcourt Language has both out-of-class activities and coursework across and within the levels of school. As…
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Textbook Evaluation Justification
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"Textbook Evaluation Justification"

Download file to see previous pages The first textbook limits the fourth grade students to classroom-based activities thus making in inappropriate. The second book enables teachers to equip students with the skills applicable both within and outside class.
In many institutions of learning, teachers are recommended to use different learning strategies in order to make students complete and resourceful people both in school and after graduating. The second textbook balance the content provided to students thus making it the best for teaching fourth grade students (Harcourt School Publishers Staff 2012).
Content of some textbooks such as the first one lack sequence thus sabotaging efforts of students to build upon their prior knowledge and foundation skills. The second textbook Harcourt Language becomes preferred choice because sequence of content.
Harcourt Language is one of the few books which effectively transfer content from one writing level to another. It equips students with language and writing skills necessary in other levels of education.
Null curriculum is unnecessary thus should not have any impact on learning operations of the students. The second book does this best thus making it the most suitable for teaching fourth grade students.
Learning institutions comprises of students of different sex and they come from different social, ethnic, political and religious backgrounds. As such, the content taught should factor this aspect. The evaluation of the second book indicates that it meets this criterion thus making it more appropriate.
A good textbook uses unlimited primary source materials. It should also encourage students to use higher order thinking skills through examples. Harcourt Language perfectly does it (Harcourt School Publishers Staff 2012).
The organization of the chapters and the format of the book are excellent thus enabling the teachers and the students to easily use it. This is also facilitated by outstanding organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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