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Lexington Financial Center (also known as 5/3 Bank or the big blue building) is located at 250 West Main Street in the city of Lexington, state of Kentucky, zip code 40507, in the country of U.S.A. This facility is approximately located between 251 West Vine Street and 250 West…
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Course Project Phase Two Deliverable Security Lighting in the Fennelly textbook
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PROJECT PHASE TWO DELIVERABLE due: Lexington Financial Center (also known as 5/3 Bank or the big blue building) is located at 250 West Main Street in the city of Lexington, state of Kentucky, zip code 40507, in the country of U.S.A. This facility is approximately located between 251 West Vine Street and 250 West Main Street at 100 South Mill Street. This building is approximately 357,361 square feet, with a tip height of 124.97m, architectural height of 124.97m, roof height of 124.97m, thus, making it a skyscraper. This facility contains 31 floors and its construction ended in the year 1987. Its structural material is steel, exterior finishing material making-up the facade of the facility is tinted glass, and the facade color is blue. The architectural style of this building is modernism. The developer responsible for design and construction of this facility is The Webb Companies. The existing building status of this facility is completed. Currently, the main usage of this building is the Fifth Third Bank and other financial institutions.
The general vicinity of the facility is at the neighborhood of downtown Lexington. Facilities around the building include bars, hotels, and restaurants i.e. Al’s Bar, The Lunch Box, Tolly Ho, Wingspan Gallery, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lexington- Downtown/University, Courtyard Lexington North, Crowne Plaza Hotel Lexington-The Campbell House, Residence Inn Lexington North, and Inn On Broadway. The facility is surrounded by numerous socialization centers, thus risk-based prioritization prompts the general security of this building. This calls for physical security asset control.
This facility has to be protected since it holds several financial institutions. It must be noted that financial institutions have the ability to disrupt the broader financial system if they fail. Thus, the attack or compromise of this institution leads to financial risk, thus triggering economic growth which will lead to a financial crisis, which will create a significant negative impact to the average U.S. citizen. Lexington Financial Center offers the following products or services: real estate management services, condominium property management, leasing property management, residential real estate property management, and real estate property management companies.
No, there have been no substantial security incidences at the facility in the last 2-3 years. This shows that the facility is well protected; high standards of security are maintained in this building. According to my findings from observation on the facility; the guards work round the clock and they are very keen on any new occurrence. Universal protection service is a private guard force that protects this facility. The facility contains existing technologies in enabling key security services i.e. covert CCTV security systems and remote security monitoring, access control, panic alarms, power failure, lone-man working alarms, air-con failure, flood and fire alarm signals, and intruder alarms. In addition, IT and networking security solutions are beneficial to this company thus offering comprehensive security, for instance, proximity readers and biometric solutions. The private security company is responsible for maintaining high security levels in the organization. Without this, critical data, intellectual property, assets, corporate security and property are at risk.
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Physical Security Survey (3.B)
Exterior physical characteristics: perimeter grounds
1. What types of locks and chains are used to secure the gates?
2. Have unnecessary gates been eliminated?
3. Do you regularly check those gates that are locked?
4. Are blind alleys near buildings protected?
5. Are fire escapes and exits designed for quick exit but difficult entry?
6. Is the perimeter reinforced by protective lighting?
7. Has shrubbery near windows, doors, gates, garages, and access roads been kept to a minimum?
8. What are the physical boundaries of the residence’s grounds?
9. Does lighting illuminate all roads?
10. Is proper signage in place?
Exterior doors
1. Are all doors strong and formidable?
2. Are all door hinge pins located on the inside?
3. Are all door hinges installed so that it would be impossible to remove the closed door(s) without seriously damaging the door or jam?
4. Are all locks working properly?
5. Are all doors properly secured or reinforced?
6. Are all unused doors secured and alarmed?
7. Are the keys in possession of authorized personnel?
Exterior windows
1. Are nonessential windows bricked up or protected with steel mesh or iron bars?
2. Are all windows within 14 feet of the ground equipped with protective coverings?
3. Are the bars or screens mounted securely?
4. Do these windows with locks have locks designed and located so they cannot be reached or opened by breaking the glass?
5. Is security glass used in any of these windows?
6. Are unused windows permanently closed?
Exterior lighting
1. Is the lighting adequate to illuminate critical areas(alleys, fire escapes, ground level windows)?
2. Is there sufficient illumination over entrances?
3. Are the perimeter areas lighted to assist police surveillance of the area?
4. Are the protective lighting system and the working lighting system on the same line?
5. Is there auxiliary system that has been tested?
6. Is there an auxiliary power source for protective lighting?
7. Is the auxiliary system designed to go into operation automatically when needed?
8. Are the protective lights controlled automatically by a timer or photocells or is it manually operated?
9. What hours are this lighting used?
10. Does it use a switch box (es) or is it automatically time secured?
11. Can protective lights be compromised easily (e.g. unscrewing of bulbs)?
12. What type of lights are installed around the property?
13. Are they cost effective?
14. Is there an even distribution of light?
Interior lighting
1. Is there a backup system for emergency lights?
2. Is the lighting provided during the day adequate for security purposes?
3. Is the lighting at night adequate for security purposes?
4. Is the night lighting sufficient for surveillance by the local police department?
Security Officers Checklist (3.D)
1. Have you determined whether or not you have limited security requirements?
2. Have you checked with a local law enforcement official for recommendations?
3. Have you checked with colleagues who use security services for recommendations?
4. Does the agency have a career program for its security officers?
5. Do the guards meet educational and criminal background checks?
6. Have you discussed any special training required to accomplish the assignment, such as firearms, CPR, fire safety, and first aid?
Office Security Checklist (3.E)
1. Do you restrict office keys to those who actually need them?
2. Do you keep complete, up-to-date records of the disposition of all office keys?
3. Do you have adequate procedures for collecting keys from former employees?
4. Do you secure all computers and similar equipment with maximum security locks?
5. Do you restrict duplication of office keys, except for those specifically ordered by you in writing?
6. Is a responsible person in charge of issuing all the keys?
Fennelly, L. J. (2013). Effective physical security. Read More
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