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Writing Assignment #2 Fence Standards, from the Fennelly textbook - Essay Example

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The security product of choice for more than 60 years has been chain link fencing, reason being it is strong, easy to install, corrosion resistant has transparent abilities, versatile, value, and product variety selection(Finnelly, 2012, 269). The chain link fence is one of the…
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Writing Assignment #2 Fence Standards, from the Fennelly textbook
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Download file to see previous pages CPTED offers a framework for integrating crime prevention into urban designs quality. It focuses on the reduction of crime opportunities and lessens the motivation to offend, while nurturing positive interactions between sincere users of the space.
The objective of surveillance is to convince potential attackers that they are very little possibilities of a successful attack due to strong defense mechanisms. The initial security layer of building uses CPTED to discourage threats. Prior to the use or implementations of surveillance options, CPTED’s theory indicates that the proper design, as well as effective use of built environments, can decrease crime. Design is one of the key factors before considering surveillance technology. They are three primary CPTED design guidelines that are broadly accepted.
The type of locks needed in facilities that require secrecy and confidentiality are dependent on a combination of correlated factors that involve design, installation, manufacturing, and system maintenance (Fennelly, 2012). In addition, not all locks are applicable in most situation, specifically designed locks are usually used in specifically provided situation, hence sufficient knowledge of basic principles of locking systems are inevitable.
Security lighting is an effective deterrent method. Attackers will never enter a well-lit area or premise. This form of security cuts across various locations such as parking lots, office space, and entry points. Doors, gates and other forms of entrance must be well lit in so as to allow for observation of persons and vehicles coming in and out (Fennelly, 2012). When lighting facility grounds, using broadly distributed low-intense lighting is normally superior to small spots of high-intense lighting, because the latter has a tendency to produce dead spots for security personnel, as well as CCTV cameras.
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Writing Assignment #2 Fence Standards, from the Fennelly Textbook Essay.
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