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20th century human resource management - Essay Example

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During the last quarter of the 20th Century,human resource management arrived in the UK,having originated in the US.Please identify and explain those factors that led to the rise of this concept in the UK at this time"Human resource management is one of the distinguished sub-sectors which fall under human rights.

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20th century human resource management
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Download file to see previous pages During the last quarter of the 20th Century, human resource management arrived in the UK, having originated in the US. Please identify and explain those factors that led to the rise of this concept in the UK at this time"Human resource management is one of the distinguished sub-sectors which fall under human rights.
Human resource management is related to employees. Their training; recruitment, interview and selection; labor relations, performance appraisal, wage and salary administration, equal employment opportunity, occupational health and safety act, personnel records management, quality of work life. Hence it deals with every necessity of an individual employee.Human resource management is said to have been originated in America in the late fifties and early sixties by the propagation of a different view of the work-force by the organizational humanists such as Argyris and McGregor. Since then number of new approaches leading to HRM have been formulated which include human capital theory by Likeert and human resource indexing by Schuster. The major similarity between all these approaches was that in these theories human labor was treated as a major asset rather then viewing labor as a cost factor. These theories or concept were further modified in 1980's the basic modification was that the new concepts aimed at the importance of the human factor aimed at integrating the personal function into general strategic management. These concepts were used as the foundation of HRM. (Human Resource Management: An International Comparison)....
While in UK the trade unions were much more powerful and membership was high, thus a vacuum was created in UK to evacuate the strong bonds between trade unions. To achieve this misconception was created that the pluralist industrial relations strategy to deliver good industrial relations or an efficient and productive industry has failed. (Contemporary Industrial Relations: A Critical Analysis)
The result of this was that a new legislation was needed urgently which would be detrimental about the roles of trade unions. Thus UK policy makers deduced an approach which had the potential to replace pluralistic system; this approach was the human resource management which focused on individualism.
In the 1980s UK faced recession while his competitor US was in the period of mass production and corporate organization. The reason for this was the shortcomings in managerial techniques, UK employers and mangers chose to retain their imperial and specialist markets. Thus when the Bruisers realized their mistakes they chose to adopt US standards of managing human resource. This was the time when human resource management was introduced in UK after being originated and tested by the American organizations. The private sector was the first to adopt human management resources. (Change for Competitive Success)
The private sector adopted human resource management first because in the 1980,s a number of private organizations were being introduced in the UK. The governments organizations were old and well established thus they were able to compete with increase in completion very easily. While the newly developed private sector which was growing rapidly was not able to compete with the increase in competition, as not only were the private organizations evolving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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20th Century Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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