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Compare and contrast the impact of late-19th and early-20th century industrialization with that of late-20th and early-21st cent - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Tutor: Date Industrialization and globalization Industrialization is the procedure by which an ecosystem transforms from a basic agricultural society in to fully manufacturing one of goods and services. During the industrial revolution, machines and technology replaced manual human labour leading to mass production…
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Compare and contrast the impact of late-19th and early-20th century industrialization with that of late-20th and early-21st cent
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"Compare and contrast the impact of late-19th and early-20th century industrialization with that of late-20th and early-21st cent"

Download file to see previous pages Division of labour is a key element in industrialization as it is essential to economic growth. On the other hand, globalization refers to the international integration resulting from interchange of world opinions, ideas, products, and general aspects of culture and religion1. Specifically, developments in telecommunication and infrastructure, use of the internet are the core drivers of globalization. This paper will focus on both positive and negative effects of industrialization as well as globalization. It will seek to establish the level of similar effects at the two different phases. By 1750 industrialization introduced mass production as several products could be manufactured as a go. This is because machinery replaced human labour and machinery could not get tired as human nature2. Therefore, machines could work longer hours as well as executing work that were initially done by several workers. Within 20th century, the emergency of globalization, production was made mare effective and faster processes as high advanced machines could be automated and function without human interference. Globalization enables production of as particular product in a different location with same qualities. This is because processes are duplicable and franchises are common. Both industrialization and globalization provided education and civilization to people. Before 1750, people were illiterate and primitive as they did not know the importance of education, schools were a rear commodity, and there were no resource centers to educate people on the importance of knowledge. With the rise of industrialization, people were getting aware of education, schools were set up, and children sent to school. Though learning institutions were available, children preferred going to work at the farms than going to school. During 20th and 21 centuruy, schools were available to every individual willing to advance knowledge; schools introduced exchange programs as international students would go on exchange academic programs within different country or even continent3. In addition, people are willing to learn as it is general knowledge that only the well-educated people scoop top jobs. Concisely, people associate education with a successful career contrary to industrialization. Both industrialization and globalization have a negative impact on the environment. They emit pollutants to water, air, soil, and atmosphere in general. Industrialization exposed people to a lot of noise from machineries, as most of the machines were crude and produced a lot of noise. This resulted to either permanent or partial hearing impairment to workers. By 1800, Mining was a substantial business whereby miners left open trenches after the mining process. This was dangerous to children and even adults as could cause accidents and deaths. Chemicals used in farms polluted soil and were mainly disposed to rivers. This act endangered the life of fish and other aquatic animals as well as human being because water treatment was rare and rivers were the only source of water. The machinery used during industrialization was crude and could produce a lot of smoke hence polluting the air as coal was the main source of energy. On the other hand, globalization had same pollution challenges although less damaging than during industrialization because machineries were more developed hence could emit small smoke, water treatment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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