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In the last decade, a classic HR model based on the work of Dave Ulrich et al has gained prominence based on three core elements, namely: business partners, shared services, and centres of expertise

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Business Partner Model
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Download file to see previous pages A distinction can be made between “hard” and “soft” approaches to HRM, in which the organization may adopt “hard” approach, whereby employees can be perceived as a resource to be managed just like other factors of production. Conversely, organizations may place an emphasis on a “soft” approach to HRM in which employees comes out as a valuable asset, whose contribution plays a critical role in the attainment of organization success. The paper explores the efficacy of business partner model in addressing the changes and improvements necessitated by investing in “human capital.” HR business partnering represents the process in which HR professionals closely work with business leaders or line managers with the intention of attaining shared organizational objectives, primarily with the motive of designing and implementing HR systems and processes that propel strategic business aims (Caldwell 2010, p.49). In the HR business partner model, the human resource departments play a critical role in strategic planning, especially in attainment of present and future objectives (Ian 2006, p.33). The model does not only concentrate on HR duties such as payroll, benefits, and employee relations, but also add value to the company by directing recruiting, advancement, training, and placement of new and current employees (Lambert 2009, p.7). Business partnering seeks to encourage line managers at diverse levels to take responsibility in managing HR team. Business partner model seeks to enhance the effectiveness of HR and minimize its costs. The ultimate aim of business partnering centers of aligning people strategy more closely with what the business requires. The engagement in training and development can be undertaken with full knowledge of the inner workings of the business (Dowling, Festing, and Engle 2008, p.4). Hence, the strategic orientation that business partner model heralds allows organizations to attain the most productive outcome. Some of the key issues encountered in the implementation of business partnering entail absence of clarity regarding the HR’s role, and the lack of a consistent business strategy within which HR can work. HR may be marginalized from real decision making, and the influence of business partnering may differ. Some of the inherent conflicts within the model derive from the fact that the performance of one role may conflict with competing demands yielding to potential role-overload (Ian 2006, p.34). Other possible conflicts emanates from incomplete performance criteria in undertaking a single role, such as being strategic while at the same time responding to line manager’s tactical issues (Lambert 2009, p.8). The implementation of business partner model can herald enhancements on the organization’s bottom line and productivity. The implementation of business partnering can lead to sustained revenue growth, profit growth and cost reduction, and improved customer royalty and retention. This hinges on the capability to work smarter (business partnering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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