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Human Resource Business Partner Model in APA Style - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay discusses the human resource business partnering proposed by Ulrich in his book and uses the current situation of the Lorien Plc company for example of this human resourcement strategy applied and also recommends maintaining the status quo…
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Human Resource Business Partner Model in APA Style
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Business Partner Model in APA Style"

Download file to see previous pages n of practical solutions that enable its clients to capture, understand, and act on customer and employee intelligence to build and sustain loyalty (Lorien Research 2007);
3. Lorien Resourcing carries out the core activity of Lorein Plc which is the "provision of temporary, contract, and permanent IT recruitment services through the United Kingdom and Europe" (Lorien Resourcing 2007);
4. Lorien Training is involved in the helping its clients get closer to their respective customers by "developing their brand through maximizing the link between customer information, customer communication, and customer service" (Lorien Training 2007); and
5. Lorien Unique is the business which specializes in rendering customized marketing and publishing solutions (Lorein Unique 2007).
The Book of Dave Ulrich entitled Human Resource Champions published in 1997 marked the introduction of a very important concept which is of much importance in the global business arena-the human resource business partner model. During a time where the human resource department is fading into the background in terms of organizational importance, Ulrich is in the forefront of presenting a bold redefinition of the purposes and operation of HR. He introduces a framework which features the four roles that HR professionals should carry out in order for the department to contribute the greatest value to the business organization. This framework emphasizes that the human resource department must be involved the company's strategic and operational pursuits as well as manage people together with processes. According to Ulrich, HR should focus on four roles or activities: strategic partner which aligns HR and business strategy; administrative expert which...
This paper recognizes the need for the company’s HR department in its strategic pursuits. The Book of Dave Ulrich entitled Human Resource Champions published in 1997 marked the introduction of a very important concept which is of much importance in the global business arena—the human resource business partner model. He introduces a framework which features the four roles that HR professionals should carry out in order for the department to contribute the greatest value to the business organization. This framework emphasizes that the human resource department must be involved the company’s strategic and operational pursuits as well as manage people together with processes. The organizational structure in Lorien Plc is relatively flat with comprises only three level of management. Being a relatively centralized business organization, power emanates from the topmost layer of hierarchy to the lower ones. In general, the human resource department of the company is patterned after the more traditional model of HR management. Through an evaluation of the human resource business partnering proposed by Ulrich and the current situation of the Lorien Plc, this report recommends maintaining the status quo. Without a shift in the business organization’s structure, the company is able to reap cost advantages and competitiveness promised by business partnering. The researcher then states that this should be addressed by involving the HR manager in the formulation of organizational goals and strategies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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