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EBusiness - Essay Example

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The primary objective of any marketing is to first conceptualize the value proposition of an organization by means of market research & study of customer buying behavior and subsequently use most appropriate methodologies to propagate the concept to targeted customers…
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Extract of sample "EBusiness"

Download file to see previous pages The primary methodology of e-Business is to present high quality content on shared exchanges, integration of relevant content of business sites of the suppliers (example, SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, etc. product details documented at a high quality and presented through an exchange site where customers visit for products of a particular type, say monitors; the exchange site in turn is integrated with the databases of these companies), RSS Feeds, Search Engine Optimization and Customized Web marketing (like Google Adwords or Structured Mass Mailing). The infrastructure that needs to support the front-end marketing framework comprises of backend On-Line Transaction Processing, Content Integration Platforms and Enterprise Application Integration. The primary challenges are to first ensure that Customers visit the exchange site and then to present absolutely current information of product specifications, product availability, product pricing and backend supply chain management (like delivery mechanism - online as well as via courier services). The transactions occur very fast and completely online and hence the organization cannot afford to have sluggish approach to updating content pertaining to the marketing information. Processing of queries by Customers again need to have a very robust backend system to cater to accurate content mapping, appropriate presentation of content, ad-hoc queries, high availability & performance, etc. Clients are invited to create their personal profile through the mechanism of personalization whereby such accounts can be used to communicate with them regularly with accurate and up to date information pertaining to the product details, pricing, availability, dispatch and services/warranty. (Stonebraker, Michael and Hellerstein, Joseph. M. 2001. p1-7; Osterwalder, Alexander and Pignuer, Yves. 2002. p3).
What are the Similarities and Differences in marketing for traditional business as compared to e-Business
The primary objectives of marketing (stated in the section above) and the fundamentals of marketing in any business viz., market research, segmentation, product positioning, schemes, customer identification, customer engagement, supply chain, delivery mechanisms, support & warranty system etc. remain the same in both traditional marketing and e-Business. However, the competency modeling of an organization as per the competitive advantages described by Porter's Diamond (Recklies, Dagmer. 2001. p1) varies in both models of business. Businesses can reach Customers (and Suppliers) across regions, continents, cities, cultures, mindsets, etc. by virtue of a well established global computing framework for e-Business. An organization that may not have done well in traditional marketing in a continent, city, culture, segment, etc. might do very well there through e-Business. The fundamental difference that supports this theory lies in the Customer's own choice of purchases whereby the customers preferring e-Business mode of purchasing are normally different from the customers preferring purchases from physical outlets, like shopping marts. However, it is mandatory that a company divulged into e-Business should "get it right" in the first attempt because probability of getting a second chance is very low. This means that the risk of brand dilution in e-Business is very high.
The marketing research, customer buying behavior, presentation of a product, branding style, marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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