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Human resource in public sector (several topics to choose from) - Essay Example

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Performance Appraisal Name Institution Instructor Date Performance Appraisal is can be said to be the evaluation of the performance of how the workers in a public organization over a certain period and this is done in a bid to ensure that not only the organization but also the workers themselves benefit from the process…
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Human resource in public sector (several topics to choose from)
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Download file to see previous pages It can further be said that a performance appraisal is an assessment and discussion of how a worker has performed in his or her work and this assessment is completely based on the performance of the individual workers. It is not based on the characteristics that are displayed by the individuals in the workplace and the latter are some of the most commendable aspects of performance appraisals. This process helps in the measurement of the skills that have been displayed and the things which a worker has accomplished with as much accuracy and uniformity as possible and this is done with the aim of ensuring that the improvement of the performance of the organization concerned. When this process is conducted within an organization, it more often than not leads to the understanding of the workers by the management of the said organization. ...
In addition, this process is designed to ensure that the workers, through an assessment of their abilities, are provided with the opportunities that are necessary for the promotion of their professional growth. It can be said to be a methodical process which gives the direct supervisors of the workers being assessed the opportunity to determine the skills of the said workers so that they can measure the payments that are made to the workers in comparison to the aims and objectives of the organization (Kline & Sulsky, 2009). It is a process which also provides the management of the organization the opportunity to make an analysis of the factors that determine how the workers perform over a certain period. One would say that it is a process that helps the organization’s management to be in a position where it is able to provide guidance to its workers towards a path which will lead to the better performance of their work. In many organizations, the process that is performance appraisal that is conducted among their workers is an activity which has to be conducted on an annual basis and has to be conducted regularly and in a standardized manner to ensure that there is a thorough assessment of the functioning of the organizations involved. While this can be said to be the ideal scenario, in many cases, the role that is given to the immediate supervisors of the workers under them as not only as the assessor, but also a judge, tends not to go down well with them and it is a fact that the entire procedure tends to be heartily disliked by many supervisors. This is because of the fact that many of the supervisors involved tend to hold the fate of their employees in their hands during this process, a situation which many individuals do not often lightly, since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource in Public Sector (several Topics to Choose From) Essay.
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