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Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professional Development, Performance Assessment, and Health Concerns of Workers - Literature review Example

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The paper "Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professional Development, Performance Assessment, and Health Concerns of Workers" details the factors affecting effective personnel management to achieve maximum business results in a company…
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Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professional Development, Performance Assessment, and Health Concerns of Workers
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Extract of sample "Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professional Development, Performance Assessment, and Health Concerns of Workers"

Download file to see previous pages I keep in mind Croft’s (1996) recommendation of prioritization, delegation, personal organization, avoidance of procrastination and stress management as skills to be mastered.  Being able to apply Covey, Merril & Merril’s (1994) Time Management Matrix has also been very helpful in my own organization as well as my staff’s since I have passed on its use of the matrix to them. This is especially important because we lead a Christian school that upholds the highest standards of integrity and morality.  Of course, if our goals for our students are to be raised as upright and responsible adults, it should begin with ourselves.  This report highlights the important aspects that I regard to be essential in school management and some proposed ideas for better team effectiveness. Psychological Contracts
Within each organization, workers’ values must be aligned to the company’s.  Differing values create conflict and will impede goal achievement.  According to Mishra and Morrissey (1990), the following factors propagate trust:  open communication; giving workers a greater share in decision making; sharing of critical information and true sharing of perceptions and feelings.  Leaders should keep these in mind and ensure that these are always in place. In every employment, employees consciously or unconsciously expect a kind of “psychological contract” apart from the expectations the job usually presents – benefits and compensation for a particular job description.  This psychological contract usually includes open and honest communication, managerial support and challenging and interesting work.  Employees are becoming increasingly aware of the non-monetary rewards that companies can provide them.  It is generally important that the job not only fulfills their economical needs, but their socio-emotional needs as well.  “This implies that recruiters need to go beyond a discussion of compensation and benefits and highlight aspects of their organization that job candidates will find intrinsically satisfying.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professio Literature Review.
“Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professio Literature Review”.
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