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Understand the approaches to human resources practices in organisations - Essay Example

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A good performance management system constantly monitors and evaluates the performances of the employees in order to improve them…
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Understand the approaches to human resources practices in organisations
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Extract of sample "Understand the approaches to human resources practices in organisations"

Download file to see previous pages A few of the most common methods for assessing the performances of the employees and the organisations are as follows:
Cortical incident method is concerned with recognising and defining specific events which are related to an employees’ performance. This method helps to recognise any drawbacks or decent activities of the employees that generated certain positive or negative instances in organisations and accordingly tries to develop methods for betterment (Waldt, 2004).
Paired comparison method is the other well-liked method for performance management. This method comprises a list of relevant options which are intended for comparing one employee with certain other employee. This method is used for recognising the most effective employees in an organisation (Waldt, 2004).
Management by Objectives (MBO) is another performance management method where supervisors and employers develop a list of objectives and make evaluations on the basis of the performances of the employees regularly. This method is mostly concerned with the goals accomplished by the employees without considering the ways of such accomplishments (Waldt, 2004).
360 degree feedback method a renowned method used in several organisations for assessing and managing the performances of the employees. In this method, employees provide confidential and anonymous assessments about the performances of their co-workers. Therefore, this method is useful for understanding the opinions of each employee about the activities and functions of other associates (Waldt, 2004).
Performance management is a systematic procedure which involves various steps. The objective of these steps is to improve the efficiency of the organisation for achievement of mission and objectives. The process of performance management is described below:
At the first phase, every organisation needs to plan the performance prospects and targets for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understand the Approaches to Human Resources Practices in Essay.
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