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Organisational Development and Change Management Organisations constantly change in response to the changes taking place in their immediate business environment and the global environment in general. According to the passage “Finegan, A, 2010, ‘Wicked Problems in Land Management – Case Studies from Climate Change and Disaster Recovery, AIPM”, climate change has been described as ‘a wicked problem’ because of its even further exacerbating features (Browne, 2006)…
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Organisational Development & Change Management. course: ( bachelor of business) Hospitality and resort degree
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will further provide a framework on how to reach consensus on what many say is a global problem and a commentary on the current state of the global players, and their resistance to or acceptance of the problem. The highly dynamic and fast-changing global environment calls for organisations and nation states to be flexible and dynamic in order to address the global crisis that is climate change. A slow response to climate change by global players only worsens the situation for it may eventually result in a myriad of economic hardships that may stunt growth and development. Organisations need to downsize, reengineer, go global, and adapt new technologies among other things, in response to environmental changes or risk organizational failure (Essential tools, n.d). Organisational development largely depends on the organisation’s ability to adapt to climate change and respond to disasters; in this regard, organisations are turning to organisational development practitioners for solutions to respond to climate change and disasters (Nguyen, 2007). ...
Most organisations are faced with the daunting task of developing the management style and culture that can help them cope with the challenges and opportunities they face in their daily operation. Managers today consciously seek to understand the aspects of change and theories of change to make decisions that will steer their organisations toward desired future states. Organisational development leads to greater organisational effectiveness, especially in areas such as financial performance and work life quality. Every organisation has process specialists who initiate organisational development; in this regard, OD is a planned strategy that aims to help the organisation in order to move from the current state to future desired states where they become highly adaptive to change. All organisation members to be affected by organisational changes must be involved; thus, OD is a collaborative approach to change that seeks to improve performance (McLean, n.d.). Organisational development is a system approach that deals with the interdependent subsystems of the total organisations based upon scientific approaches. Organisational development thrives on behavioural science knowledge, combining research, and experience to bring about the desired organisational effectiveness. On the other hand, organisational change refers to all the alterations in the human resources, operational structure, or technology of an organisation to enhance the organisational effectiveness (Tripon and Dodu, n.d.). Change is a constant factor in the organisation often accompanied by uncertainty, threats and opportunities; in this respect, managers should be adequately prepared to manage change when it arises. Organisational change has three tiers, namely, structure, technology and people; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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