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Tackling the problems of Appraisal - Essay Example

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Therefore, management of human resources is tightly connected to job performance appraisal as an integral part of staff deployment. Although variety and flexibility of…
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Tackling the problems of Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages For staff selection and deployment are integral aspects of human resources management, the manager constantly examines and evaluates workers. Workers’ performance and capacities can be evaluated according to certain scales in order to define their level of compliance with expectations imposed by the employer. Therefore, performance appraisal is a fundamental tool for job performance evaluation and “setting job standards” (Ather Khan et al., 2014). Moreover, it is considered an efficient way of enhancing job productivity and efficiency within organizations: successful practice of performance appraisal is able to benefit both an employee in the course of career development and employers (increasing efficiency would mean increase in benefit). “With every passing day, business organizations are facing aggressive competition due to globalization; so, they need more competencies to meet these challenges” (Malik & Aslam, 2013). On the other hand, performance appraisal is widely used as a tool enabling decision-making on promotion of the workers: “promotion decisions require a comprehensive assessment of the employees’ skills and abilities” (Jirjahn & Poutsma, 2013). Therefore, the data an employer could rely on in this respect is provided by performance appraisal, too.
Both in private and in public sectors, the system of performance appraisal exists in various formats, incorporating a range of instrumental subsystems closely connected to major HR management functions: training and development, motivation, compensations and allowances, staff deployment, making personnel decisions and working with the candidate pool. Performance evaluation implies existence of steady criteria and scales, for instance, the Key Performance Indicator (KPI); and evaluation of personnel in business is usually divided into competency appraisal (including knowledge, skills, values and personal features of an employee) and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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