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HR services - Essay Example

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While there are a great variety of users of human resource services (HR services) within an organization, this essay will identify three key users, identify two key needs for each user, and explain how they can be prioritized…
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HR services
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Download file to see previous pages While there are a great variety of users of human resource services (HR services) within an organization, this essay will identify three key users, identify two key needs for each user, and explain how they can be prioritized One use of the human resource department is through the hiring and firing of employees. In these regards, all aspects of the organization rely on the human resource department to ensure that employees are screened properly and when there are significant disciplinary problems that they be released. In some regards, the human resource department can confronted with conflicting needs in this category; in these regards, it’s necessary for the department to attend to an urgent need, but in most instances handle these issues in the order they occurred. Another user of human resources is upper level management, through employee record keeping; within this service the primary needs are for the use of employee records, while keeping the records confidential from members of the organization that are not privy to them. In these regards, it’s necessary for HR services to keep stringent record keeping, but also to remain highly cognizant of which organizational members are privy to the specific recorded content. Other users of HR services within an organization are entry-level employees. These employees use HR services for both training programs and compensation and benefit management. In some regards, there may be a conflict of interest here, as the same individuals responsible for training the department are responsible for determining compensation bonuses. In these regards, it’s necessary to have an outside department, generally management, conduct reports that will factor into employee progress reports and ultimately bonuses. 2. Identify at least 3 methods of communication appropriate to employees at different levels ? Among the different methods of communication appropriate for employees at different levels, this essay will consider three main types (‘Workplace Communication’). The first type of communication is verbal communication. Verbal communication represents the most direct and perhaps effective form of communication. The drawback of verbal communication is that it does not leave a record of the conversation that took place, nor is it always possible for upper level management to verbally address all the concerns of entry level, or low-level employees. In these regards, another level of communication that is effective is written communication. Written communication functions to produce a clear and understandable message in a context that allows for the individuals implementing this communication process to ensure there is a record of their communication. In these regards, written communication is important in matters wherein the individual receiving the message is of high importance. It’s also effective when the message is complex and it would be useful to be able to review the message. The final type of communication that is considered is visual communication. Generally visually communication is implemented through presentations from upper level to lower level employees, but it can also be implemented in presentations that speak to upper level organizational members, as a means of informing them of status updates, or proposing potential changes. Ultimately, visual communication is most effective for speaking to larger audiences, or in terms of explicating difficult to comprehend material through chart forms; finally it can demonstrate business prototypes or models highly effectively that couldn’t otherwise be articulated through verbal or written communication methods. 3. Describes the key components of effective service delivery including: ? Service delivery has taken on a variety of contextual meanings, making clear and precise definition of the various aspects of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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