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In the essay “Users of HR Services at Burj Al Arab Hotel,” the author analyzes key needs of Administration regarding HR, particularly during the recruitment process. The criteria can start from fulfilling organization’s main objective or goal and also includes risk, cost, time, business context, etc…
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Users of HR Services at Burj Al Arab Hotel
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Extract of sample "Users of HR Services at Burj Al Arab Hotel"

Users of HR Services at Burj Al Arab Hotel

The human resource services have evolved to incorporate more than just hiring, firing and other administrative work. It is now considered a strategic partner and can work to aid in the overall success of the business.
1. 3 users of HR services at Burj Al Arab Hotel
1.1 Administration:
Key needs of Administration regarding HR
General HR administrative services particularly during the recruitment process
Addressal of queries on policy information and general process queries
1.2 Advisors/Specialists:
Key needs of Advisors/specialists regarding HR
Support during the Acquisition processes
Support during relocation and expatriation
1.1 Senior Management:
Key needs of senior management regarding HR
Cost savings
Quality improvement

Prioritization of the conflicting needs of the users of HR services at Burj Al Arab Hotel
The conflicting needs can also be prioritized according to criteria. The criteria can start from fulfilling organization’s main objective or goal and also includes risk, cost, time, business context, etc. The HR manger can evaluate the issue at hand according to the above specified criteria and come to a decision based on that.
As mentioned above, company’s ultimate objective or goal can help it prioritize the issues at hand. In the hotel industry, the relationships with the customers are given the first priority no matter what the circumstances are. In this situation, being constructive and positive towards the customers becomes the only option. So, all the key users of HR can or will give preference or prioritization to the customers’ issues, placing aside other issues.
A collaborative style of working between all the three users can also help prioritize the tasks at hand and get work done without any stress and pressure. It can help in meeting the needs of all the people involved in a system, apart from the customer. They people involved work as a team and cooperate with each other to help resolve any conflicts, which may result in the disarray of the system. It becomes very necessary to collaborate and corporate with each other in service industry where the conflicting needs is usually very important and more complex than a simple trade off. In addition, negotiation also provides the best shot at resolving the conflicting needs and prioritizing them in order of preference and need. Prioritization will aid in developing a work environment and situation which works for everyone.
Even after focusing on company’s ultimate objective, collaborating and negotiating, the organization is not able to prioritize, and miss serving the customer base; it can come up with other options. It is necessary that the management compensate for a failure to prioritize. In hotels, it becomes necessary to compensate the customer if there is any short coming in the service.
Identifies at least 3 methods of communication appropriate to employees at different levels:
It is very necessary that an organization communicates with its employees well because it is the ultimate road to achieving the organization’s goals. The methods of internal communication and its effectiveness ultimately impact the company’s success in retaining and gaining customers, and promoting the commitment of the employees. If a company succeeds in communicating well with its employees it can succeed in employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. The different level and ranking of communication and importance of the message dictates the means of communication. A company makes use of different methods of communication including; face-to-face, print, and electronic depending on the nature of the message and the level of the employees in the organizational hierarchy.

Email: Email is a company’s best option at communication when the message to be delivered is routine information such as work assignments or schedule. This mode of communication is quick and hassle free, with even automatically generated email messages doing the job.

Meeting: Face to face meeting can be utilized when inputs from the employees are needed and two way dialogues are necessary. It can also be used when there is a need to give an explanation for the changes taking place in an organization. The attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns in a meeting.

Internal Website: Video conferencing and internal website or intranets can be used when the company is geographically divided, and also when the various departments of a company are located in a widespread manner. This mode of communication can be used while coordinating various tasks and during major business changes like mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, etc.

Describes the key components of effective service delivery including building and maintaining good relationships, handling and resolving complaints, dealing with difficult customers, timely service delivery, budget implications and continuous improvement:
Effective service delivery to the customers is the utmost necessity for the survival and success of any organizations, particularly the ones in the hospitality sector. As Customer is the “King” of any business, they have to be serviced and catered optimally. This way, the customers will be completely happy with the service, and will come back again, even while suggesting to others.

It is impossible for a company to succeed unless it can make it customers come back for more. For that, they have to build long term relationship with the customers. This can done be by basically providing optimum services to the client. The key part of optimum services is handling and resolving the customers’ complaints. Although, organizations should carry out their operations effectively, thereby satisfying the customers, mistakes tend to happen. The key aspect is, making a mistake may not be a problem but not being able to handle and resolve those mistakes can result in dire problems.

This will result in customers getting angry and leading to conflicts. Every service industry or organizations will face their quota of angry and difficult customers. In those cases, without blaming the customers, the responsible employees have to exhibit a lot of patience, presence of mind as well as diligence to address their complaints. So, the key is giving personalized attention to each complaint at a time, by fully listening to their complaints and taking corrective steps immediately. Immediate steps are the key, because then only the client can be assuaged and satisfied.

The timely service delivery is a crucial component of an effective service delivery. Taking apt steps immediately can make the customer perceive the organization as reliable. At the same time, it is very important to make the promise that the company can keep. The same rule applies for client appointments and deadlines.

Even if the customers are handled aptly, there may be some occasions, when the customers will remain unfulfilled, necessitating the need to issue refunds and also compensations. This will lead to budgetary implications, as refunds and compensation will show negatively in the organization’s financial results or balance sheets. Although, these refunds and compensations will help in solving the problem for the time being, it is a reflection of organizational inefficiencies. So, to avoid these problems and budgetary implications, it is necessary on the part of the organization to continuously keep on improving through further incorporation of quality.

The quality of service delivered can greatly determine the success of a company. Only if the quality is incorporated at each and every stage, the organization’s performance may not drop and will keep on improving. With continuous improvement and accentuation of quality services, the customers will be fully satisfied with the service, and will return back for more. It is possible to make customers come for the first time, through enticing marketing campaigns, but it takes consistent delivery of the service to build long sustainable relationship with them. The commitment on the part of the employees, resolving the complaints, timely service and continuous improvement can help the organization in maintaining good customer service, which apart from satisfying the existing customers; can also bring in more new customers. Read More
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