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Organizational Behaviour Employee Training - Assignment Example

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This paper "Organizational Behaviour – Employee Training " focuses on the fact that if we want to survive in this world of globalization then we will have to be well equipped to face the challenges thrown by cross-cultural diversity and turn them into opportunities of growth. …
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Organizational Behaviour Employee Training
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behaviour Employee Training"

Download file to see previous pages The management is putting employees on the same platform as the younger and less experienced employees. To remove this kind of feelings from the minds of the senior employees it would be a good idea to begin the training session with a lecture on the need and benefits of lifelong learning. Dembkowski, Eldridge and Hunter rightly pointed out that “Executives are required to learn throughout their lives to keep abreast of changing situations and to acquire new knowledge.” (2007, p.16) Hence just designing a good training program is not sufficient. In order to make it a success one should ensure total cooperation from those, it is meant for.

2) Introduction to the topic of the training – After the workforce is convinced with the need for the training and are mentally prepared to devote their total attention to it, the topic of cross-cultural diversity can be introduced to them. They would be made aware of the extent of cross-cultural diversity in our organization and consequences if this highly important factor were ignored. They would be introduced to the opportunities that the organization can avail if this diversity is allowed to flourish with a positive mindset.

3) Importance of the right way of communication – Communication is the most important skill of excelling in one’s job. Since the workforce and customers of SWC belong to a wide range of culture and location, there is a great need for effective communication within the organization. Rees pointed out, “It is easy for members of distance teams to fall into the habit of little or no communication other than reports required by management…This leaves the team vulnerable to miscommunication, poor quality of work, missed deadlines, lack of cohesiveness, inefficiencies and disaffected team members.” (2001, p. 108) This module would deal in training the employees how to communicate with a diverse workforce, what to communicate, how often to communicate and what modes of communication to use in different situations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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