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HR in Service Industry - Assignment Example

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Strategic Human Resource Management Name Institution Strategic human resource management is a policy that is designed to be able to help companies to meet the best needs of their employees at the same time promoting the goals of the company. Human resource management deals with all the factors and the aspects that affect the employees in the line of duty and the discharge of their roles…
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HR in Service Industry
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"HR in Service Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The human resource department is held accountable for making sure that the job of administration in the company is performed in a manner that is relevant and that the operations of the company are in line with the law that governs the running of the business in the country of base. This will ensure that the company does not run in to trouble with the authorities over illegal running of the business and that they are not hiring employees in a way that does not relate with the law. The human resource department in the organization gives provision for incentives like promotions to employees by evaluating their work, it ensures the safety of the employees and the procedure that information in the company flows is guarded and follows certain guidelines, the human resource department caters for employees who are on vacation or who are sick, the department ensures that they are replaced for the time being and that their work is done properly (Goeldner, 2009 p89). This kind of human resource management is a highly active method of managing people in an organization. It needs the human resource managers to be able to think ahead of all employees and other personnel in the company. The managers in this unit are needed to be able to do better planning and come up with methods to grow the organization, to be able to design methods to satisfy the needs of the employees to ensure that they are able to work well without second thoughts about working in the organization. The human resource managers also ensure that the employees of the company are able to discharge their duties properly by being able to hire people who know how to discharge their duties and being able to train the employees so that they will discharge the duties of the organization properly. The strategy that the human resource managers will use in ensuring the employees add value to the organization will determine how business is carried out in the organization. This will also affect the value of the organization. All the organizations that manage to meet the requirements and the needs of their employees are able to cultivate an atmosphere in the work site that will result in to exceptionally enjoyable productivity. The human resource department is the best place to start ensuring that the needs of the employees are well catered for. By being able to incorporate strategies that will result in to better productivity in the company the company will have to invest well in its dealings and all that work that it is required to do to make sure that the needs of the employees are satisfied. The company should come up with methods of ensuring that they are able to retain all the skilled employees and be able to train other skilled employees to ensure that they are capable of helping the company to be profitable. By doing this, the hotel will be able to retain several of its employees; this will in turn make sure that the company will not spend more money on hiring of and training the new employees to the level of performing. When the human resource department starts to plan, they have to consider on what the employees need are and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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