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Employee Discipline related to the Hospitality Industry - Research Paper Example

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Human Resource Management (HRM) as a sub-discipline has its own position within this broad and overarching area. The focus within HRM in this report is Employee Discipline. The discussion begins by explaining how…
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Employee Discipline related to the Hospitality Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Five common reasons for turnover are mentioned thereafter. The following sub-section deals with the implications for practical management. These are specified in the context of employee turnover. Employee Discipline is the next section. The term is described in fair detail. The section is rounded off with the characteristics of nature. The concluding section talks about the best practices with reference to employee discipline. Five broad practices that are noteworthy are elaborated here. The final conclusion is a summary of the entire report.
An organization is known by the employees working for it. The human resource function assumes importance in this context. Each organization tries to select the right employee with care and tries to retain him/her with even greater care. While the employee cannot be neglected, neither can the activity nor business be ignored. It is after all, due to the business that the employee exists. Hence, certain norms need to be followed in the conduct of business. These are applicable to all employees across the board. Similarly, discipline is applicable to all industries and businesses alike.
The hospitality industry encompasses businesses like the hotel and tourism industries. In the hospitality field, service is crucial and can make or break a business. Anything that disrupts the smooth functioning of a business can impact the bottom line. This is especially pertinent in an industry which is seasonal in nature. Discipline is also the yardstick by which every employee is evaluated with respect to the organization. While it sets standards for behavior in an organizational setting, it also provides a safeguard against deviations or erratic aspects of the same. Indiscipline affects not only an individual employee but also the next immediate group. It has a visible effect on superior-subordinate relations as well. Ultimately, discipline also sets guidelines for the industry as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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