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Human Resource in action (Hospitality Industry) - Essay Example

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The hospitality industry is a notable employer in developed nations such as the United States. Most hotels and resorts advertise job opportunities online through their websites ad…
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Human Resource in action (Hospitality Industry)
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Download file to see previous pages An applicant searches for a job that matches his or her skills. The details of a job are specific for a particular opening. In each opening, there is a short introduction of the recruitment objective of the company regarding the position. The information here includes a short description of the company and the need for the position. The description also entails the qualities of a possible candidate to fill the position. The qualities expressed relates to the personal and professional attributes that are desirable for the vacant position.
The websites also describe the nature of the jobs and the attributes that the company looks for in a person. The objective is to prepare the candidates to learn and appreciate the existing corporate identity and culture of the company. The academic requirements of a potential candidate are also outlined with a required level of experience. Consequently, the websites provide the benefits that successful candidates reap from working for the companies. The websites also assure candidates of equal employment chances for all persons regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and gender. The application and selection process is totally based on merit.
The sites are very informative about the companies and the job particulars. The websites do well in dissipating the corporate culture and providing as much detail as possible regarding the opportunity. The details ensure that the posts are clear and only qualified candidate tender their application. Moreover, the websites are doing well in terms of presentability. The design of the websites is appealing and thus attracts potential applicants. They are also easy to navigate with clear links. The ease of searching a job vacancy on the site is simplified through a search tab. The ease of use attracts more applications, thus offering the companies a wider pool of talent.
Despite the ease of use and clear descriptions, there are several recommendations that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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