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Foreign Policy Decision-making Process - Essay Example

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The decision-making process of NATO was on Israel participation in seminars; exercises which are part of the status fulfilled that led to the decision to allow Israel to join it because of information on Israel expertise at cyber security, missile defense and counter terrorism. …
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Foreign Policy Decision-making Process
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"Foreign Policy Decision-making Process"

Download file to see previous pages Mr. Lerman deputy of the National Security Council made the announcements. The decision was on political agenda for improving ties between Israel and Turkey and among all members of NATO at large. The person involved, are officials from NATO, Turkey and Israel and Turkey, Israel countries (Newsom 15).
On the other hand, OPEC news recognizes the survival of Israel which celebrates its birthday annually on 25-26 of April despite facing a lot of criticism from members of the United Nations and in particular from Iran. This announcement was by a person who recognized the rejection the nation had been through though the Arabs considered this as irony. Making the decision to recognize Israel had been its ability to prove survival in tough times which leads to its recognition as a perfect destination for people due to its friendly environment even on pressure. The decision was on national agenda which aims to promote the positive aspect to enhance Israel recognition by UN members. The nations involved are USA, Palestine with Arabian people.
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The first opium war took place from 1839 to 1842 and it was between the Great Britain and China. Treaty making before the governments of China and GB began in 1842 after the British defeated the Chinese at the first opium war that led to the signing of the treaty of Nanking. Chinese negotiated treaties using the thirteen hongs before 1839. Country merchants were the middlemen used by the Chinese government to communicate with the British officials in any issue between the two governments. BEIC exploitation angered in George 11 who decided to go against the will of his father. The Chinese meaning of "Yi" was mainly expressed as family name coming first and personal name coming second and this was a believe that origin owes the greatest respect compared to personal status though in British interpretation of the word "Yi" was different. It meant that; personal name is more significant than family name (Newsom 22) The diplomatic place of Lord Napier has been significant to the Chinese and mostly, lord Napier William who his renowned for initiating a war in China after failing in his mission that involved making settlement with China which for expanding the British deals to interior China. Lord Napier William is a person who fought for his country interest involving expansion of British east India company in China till his death thus he is a nationalist. Most of the countries that would have faced with a situation like of china would have reacted no differently as from the Chinese due to nationalism to protect their resources under all costs. These people were known as nationalists for the role they played during the opium war; Lin Zexu, Charles Elliot, William Ewart. The word “Yimu" means a barbarian eye while in Chinese the same word meant foreign principal. Lord Napier reacted to the Chinese repository by circulating leaflets in Chinese language to all Chinese in canton announcing about the British superiority that later led to a fight between British and Chinese officials though the British lost in 1834. This use of words like great is powerful and showed the power of British monarch and strength to conquer all nations. It sounded like a threat to Chinese after it denied the British settlements (Newsom 32). Bocca Tigris; was a tactical situation as a nautical gateway to Guangzhou were several important first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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