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The Bureaucratic System in the Netherlands: Formulating and Implementing Foreign Policies - Essay Example

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This paper aims at comparing and contrasting the insights afforded by 2 different approaches to understanding the foreign policies of contemporary states giving examples from real life. The two approaches that will be discussed in this essay are decision-making theory and domestic sources of foreign policy…
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The Bureaucratic System in the Netherlands: Formulating and Implementing Foreign Policies
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Download file to see previous pages The responsibility of making foreign policies is always entrusted to the state government. When making decisions on foreign policies, there are a number of steps that are supposed to be followed. The first step always involves assessing the countries and international political situations (Houghton 2007, 33). This is because these policies are always implemented both locally and internationally. The second stage is for setting the objectives that are supposed to be fulfilled by these policies. Sometime these policies might collide, thus forcing the government to make choices on the more appropriate ones. After this stage, the government always has to weigh the policy options that are available. This always involves looking at the country’s ability to implement such policies and the possibility of implementing these policies (Hermann 2001, p. 63). The fourth stage is always referred to the formal action of decision-making. This is always characterized by the involvement of the various levels of the government. The branch of government that is in most cases entrusted with the responsibility of making decisions on foreign policies is the executive. In most cases, it usually involves the head of state by following the advice of the minister for foreign affairs or an equivalent. The final stage refers to the implementation stage. Various departments in the government that have the responsibility of taking care of the country’s foreign relations (Jacobson & Zimmermann 2008, p. 210) always do this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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