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I also have five years of administrative experience. I would like to apply for the Doctorate Degree in Health Education in the Health & Behavior Studies Department to further my studies in the field. Hence, I am trying to reflect my qualifications, experiences, skills and interests with the help of this report applying for the course and the degree. …
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Application for doctorate degree in health education
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Application for Doctorate Degree in Health Education Introduction: I have nine years of working experience in healthcare andnon-profit organizations. I also have five years of administrative experience. I would like to apply for the Doctorate Degree in Health Education in the Health & Behavior Studies Department to further my studies in the field. Hence, I am trying to reflect my qualifications, experiences, skills and interests with the help of this report applying for the course and the degree.
Qualification, Experience and Interest:
I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I also possess a Diploma in Business Management. I have completed the Masters of Arts as well as the Masters of Science in the field of Health Education, the same field on which I intend to complete my doctorate now. In the nine years of my work experience in the different health organizations and five years in different administrative job profiles, I have learnt how to efficiently achieve the job targets and goals. In the process, I have learnt to get work done by others efficiently. I also gathered knowledge regarding the administrative activities on a day-to-day basis. I learnt to manage the various testing services in the health organizations. I also participated in coordination of different programs, and other related administrative functions and learnt the various health organizational operations.
My job experiences also taught me to be responsible regarding my work. I had got the opportunities to work closely with the social services organizations. Thus I was involved in assisting caregivers, along with other functions like the analysis of financial budgets. While I was associated with administrative jobs, I had worked with the Osborne Association in New York, where I performed jobs on data entry, served individuals directly, and performed several management related tasks as well. Thus my work experience during this time not only gave me the opportunities to perform and learn in different areas of the work associated with health organizations, but also made me responsible and efficient in handling different tasks.
I also have experience in research work on a topic that focuses on the Patient self-management study research at Harlem hospital Center. The research work provided me with broad knowledge and I also became the member of the HHC Quality Improvement Team. I was a member of the TBTC Quality Assurance working team as well. I also have membership in the Community Research Advisors Group, and Treatment Adherence Quality Improvement. I have knowledge and skills on the use of computer that include the use of Microsoft Word, Endnote, Excel Publisher, AIRS, PowerPoint, OAM, EVAT, Quadra med, SPSS, Unity, AP/Car, DARTS, DWR Reports, FinSys, FinSysOFY, and some other programs as well. I am also the member of the Society for Public Health Education.
My primary areas of interest are in the HIV/AIDS and TB in minorities sections of people. I am also interested to study those people who are discriminated because of color and not considered as deserving by the society, as well as the women and children of the Sub-Sahara region. I wish to get an opportunity to complete my further studies in the field of health education such that I can effectively get associated with health organizations and serve the people. I believe that a doctorate degree would assist me in this regard. Hence I request to provide me with the opportunity to undertake the course and achieve the Doctorate Degree in Health Education and thus accept my application of request. Read More
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