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Professional Background And Basis Interest In Pursuing A Doctorate In Education - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author states that the pursuit of a doctorate in education will serve to advance his/her skills, knowledge, and exposure to issues of education and its management, while also guaranteeing the necessary qualifications for holding an administrative position in the education department. …
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Professional Background And Basis Interest In Pursuing A Doctorate In Education
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Extract of sample "Professional Background And Basis Interest In Pursuing A Doctorate In Education"

Download file to see previous pages Top Executive, Management Skills training, and Introduction to Strategies Management Methods, all acquired in 2013, in preparation for the furtherance of my education through pursuing a doctorate degree in education.
The fact that I have sufficient experience and work history, serve as a major basis for my interest in pursuing a doctorate in education at this point in my career. I have relevant work history and experience in teaching for six years, stretching between 2004 and 2010, and administrative positions for four years between 2001 and 2004, which places me in a better position to understand the needs of the teaching fraternity, as well as the needs of the students, since I have been involved in interacting with both students and the teaching staff in the course of my career. This way, I have gained substantial organizational, administrative and analytical skills. Through the teaching experience, I am able to control the students as well as understand their learning needs, while through the administration experience, I am able to understand and address the needs of the teaching fraternity. Therefore, the fact that I have hands-on experience with both the teaching fraternity and students, in addition to the skills I pose in leadership, management, and counseling, places me in a better position to hold an administrative post in education department, which is the basis of my seeking to advance my capacity by pursuing a doctorate in education.
Business Communication Skills qualification is important, to enable any individual seeking to work in a professional organization or platform where one needs to interact with people do that effectively. Interpersonal communication is the foundation of human interaction, which means that it is vital and necessary for every individual to possess effective communication skills, to be able to interact effectively with others (Murugan, 2005).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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