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The Goal to Earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that all through his schooling, he has have been interested in understanding the basic chemistry of each and every aspect of life and the environment surrounding him. Chemistry is a subject that the author was interested in…
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The Goal to Earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy
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Extract of sample "The Goal to Earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy"

Pharmacy Admission Essay All through my schooling, I have been interested in understanding the basic chemistry of each and every aspect of life and the environment surrounding me. Chemistry is a subject that I was interested in and scored high every time. I have first degree in Chemistry and I would like to pursue my interest on this subject by getting in to the pharmacy school. My career is marked by a solid grade point average and I have every intention of maintaining and indeed improving my performance day by day. Basically, I am a focused person and since beginning I have been very studious.
Pharmacology is one subject where I will not only be able to continue my interest in the subject of chemistry, but also at the end of my studies, have a promising career. This course in pharmacy will enable me to fly high and make my dreams come true. The reason I have chosen a degree in this subject is because of the wide range of opportunities that it provides. My focus in not just to complete the course in pharmacy, but also to go for higher studies in this field.
Today, pharmacists’ skills are in high demand all over the world. Pharmacists are considered as expert health professionals and many doors of opportunity open to a career that offers security, flexibility, satisfaction and excellent rewards. In fact, it can be said that without a pharmacy sector, the health care is incomplete. It is a well known fact that pharmacists work in all kinds of places and work very closely with the hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals. Having a strong foundation in chemistry, my immediate goal is to get an admission in the pharmacy school and long term professional goal is to pursue my research interest by getting a doctor of pharmacy degree. I am sure to complete my degree in flying colors and by the time I finish my doctorate in pharmacy, I am sure to have a variety of opportunities which will help me achieve financial security.
As of now, I will be able to devote all of my attention to the sole subject of my interest: chemistry and pharmacology. I have a positive mental attitude and I am confident that I will be able to complete with high scores in pharmacy. My positive motivation, sincerity, insightful, will all add to my success. I knew early on in my studies that this was a subject that I could excel in due to my natural inclination towards the sciences. I believe that my educational background and abilities would be an excellent base for my future studies. I am aware that this university is looking for students who have good leadership abilities and I am confident that my qualifications and interests provide the skills required.
It is my goal to earn a doctorate in pharmacy and then apply that knowledge in a career as a pharmacist as well as pursue my research interest. I am keen to expand my knowledge in this field. Being a part of the future pharmaceutical industry is like having the knowledge about the new medicines and the upcoming techniques of health care industries. I look forward to building a solid educational foundation in pharmacy which I hope to constantly improve upon by staying abreast of any improvements in the field. Read More
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The Goal to Earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy Admission/Application Essay.
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