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A Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the essay “A Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy” the author explains his selection the pharmacy as his professional career. He is planning further to pursue a doctorate degree in the field of pharmacy from a prestigious institute. His basic aim is to study all areas of pharmacy…
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A Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy
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Extract of sample "A Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy"

A Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy
As I have selected pharmacy as my professional career, I am planning further to pursue a doctorate degree in the field of pharmacy from a prestigious institute. I believe that a doctorate degree in pharmacy will definitely help me achieve my personal and professional goals. My basic aim is to study all areas of pharmacy in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of all issues related to the field of pharmacy. I think this is the right time for me to do more in my educational career, as it will help me get a suitable job in some area related to pharmacy.
I am interested in getting a doctorate degree in pharmacy because of my huge interest in this field. I have a strong desire to study different types of medicines and their positive and negative effects. I also want to get an understanding of different types of drug therapies because it will definitely help me achieve success in my professional career. I want to become a hospital pharmacist who can make people aware of effective use of medicine. Along with my personal interest, my recent educational record is also a valid proof of my interest in pharmacy. Although my first attempt to study pharmacy did not prove to be successful but I did not lose my heart. I tried again after a gap of few years and since then, I have received nothing less than ‘A’ grades in all subjects related to healthcare and medicine. I have also completed various training courses related to healthcare and medicine, and at present, I am working as a pharmacy technician in a healthcare organization.
I have a desire to establish my name in the field of medicine by providing proper healthcare services to the people and that can only be possible if I get an advanced degree in pharmacy. Today, people view pharmacists as highly skilled healthcare professionals and clinicians who are able to provide them with proper counseling and medicine. The time has almost past away when the people having the Bachelor of pharmacy degree did not have to struggle much in progressing in their professional careers. At present, an advanced degree has become a requirement for those who want to progress in their professional careers.
I have plans to serve my nation after getting an advanced degree in the field of pharmacy. My immediate plan is to take admission in some prestigious institute from where I can get high quality education in my desired field. Upon completion of my doctorate degree, I want to get a suitable job, which should not only match my level of qualification but also should provide me with proper training to become a reliable and trusted pharmacist. My long-term goal is to serve my nation as a hospital pharmacist by achieving a high post in a well-known organization. I want to play a valuable role in the development of healthcare sector of my country by getting a doctorate degree from a renowned institute. Therefore, I must say that the doctorate degree in pharmacy will definitely help me achieve my immediate and long-term professional goals.
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