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The Career in Pharmacy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "The Career in Pharmacy " highlights that the author is interested to further his knowledge in the practical aspect of pharmacy by engaging in the retail and hospital environments with the long term objective of becoming a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry…
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The Career in Pharmacy
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Extract of sample "The Career in Pharmacy"

The career in pharmacy has always fascinated me. The science of pharmacy leads a professional to understand the human body as well as the various means to heal it. The working environment of a pharmacist also proves to be interesting as we are exposed to various people in the medical field ranging from doctors, technicians to nurses ever-expanding our professional horizon. Consistent to this, I have taken the extra mile of cultivating my professional experience by working as a pharmacy technician as well as volunteering at the Community Health Clinic. This experience proved that the field of Pharmacy is multifaceted that a mere experience would not suffice to satisfy the professional demand of pharmacy. I have decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Pharmacy to competently respond to the demands of the profession both in the practical as well as the scientific aspect of the job.  Read More
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The Career in Pharmacy Admission/Application Essay.
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