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Feminism - Essay Example

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In the feminist's view, the female has been regarded and treated as the weaker sex throughout history. Linda L Lindsey in her book, Gender Roles – A sociological Perspective, focuses on how gender roles are defined by three key sociological theories. …
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Extract of sample "Feminism"

Feminism is a political movement primarily motivated by social and moral theories. These social and moral theories are generally concerned with the political, economic and social inequalities between genders. In the feminists view, the female has been regarded and treated as the weaker sex throughout history.
Linda L Lindsey in her book, Gender Roles Read More
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...? The Film Precious: Race, Gender and The main character and a teenager, Clarisse Precious Jones, is an untidy, semi illiterate, poor, obese, and a pregnant girl. She is made pregnant twice by her HIV positive father due to her carelessness. Precious mother, however, gets bitter for Precious’s careless actions and decides to physically abuse her. She even wishes that Precious was not her daughter and that she should have aborted her. Despite, the abuses, the mother still has hope that Precious can still make it in life (“Precious”). At school the principle invites Precious to her office because she had a message to pass to her. The principle tells Precious that she will search for an alternative school for her because she... The Film...
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.... Feminists have succeeded in protecting women from sexual assault and domestic violence and advocating for the rights of women. Feminism has developed in distinct fields rather than in one cohesive concept. The labels that delineate these fields have differed. The most common feminist theories include radical feminism, liberal feminism, lesbian feminism, Marxist feminism, socialist feminism and materialistic feminism (Tandon 45). Historical development of Feminism Historiographers of contemporary western feminist movements often speak of a first wave feminism and second wave...
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Feminism, witnesses in horrifying inhuman global acts and the role of institutional policies in producing greater suffering to human beings. In the era of organized religion pain and suffering was attributed to superior powers. The gods would determine when, how, who, where and the kind of suffering to give to human beings as an indication of their displeasure. In Christianity, suffering is not considered a bad thing or experience, but an essential aspect to get closer to God. In eastern cultures, self-inflicted pain is a religious tradition and believed to be manageable (Walley 406). According to “Searching for Voices, Feminism Anthropology and the Global Debate on Female Genital Operations”, the worrier syndrome among Nicaragua women and...
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...and is treated unfairly in this binary relationship. The modernist sought to help women get fair treatment and stand up against their opposites - the men. The third wave of feminism, which is also referred to as the post-modern perspective, according to Wikipedia, began in the 1990s. The third wave of feminism "unlike second-wave feminism, which largely focused on the inclusion of women in traditionally male-dominated areas," it says, "seeks to challenge and expand common definitions of gender and sexuality." Jane Flax in her book 'Post-modernism and Gender Relations in Feminist Theory' states that post-modern feminism seeks to "understand and (re) constitute the self,...
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Religious Feminism

... Religious Feminism As much as many religions of the world would want to deny it, the status of women in the church is still not given the rightful position it deserves. In theory, every religion claims to be on the forefront in addressing issues with proper treatment of women but when given a critical consideration, one would find that none of them is actually consistent in theory and practice. For instance, despite claiming to treating women equally, none of them opposes the idea that women are inferior to men and that they must submit to men. In fact, many of them promote the view that feminism is a totally unacceptable movement as far as religion is concerned. The plight of women is generally evident in all spheres of life, both...
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...feminism principles dictate otherwise claiming that women do not require actual feminist concerns and actions (57). Considering the activities that women tend to do according to Zeisler, the reforms might impact but not much. To explain this, the participation of women in the military is in consideration (60). Men are muscular and perform better, in the tactical field, unlike women. This implies that though the reforms wish to make women equal to men even in the military it is difficult to culminate the actual reforms. The reforms though are necessary to ensure that women get treated equally with men. Some of the reforms would negatively impact on the economy since some of the tasks given to men are specifically for men....
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Feminism end oppression and misrepresentation of women (KIRSCH, 1999). To achieve this goal of eradication of women misrepresentation and oppression, feminism uses the women’s perceptions and experiences to formulate the best strategies. In the process, it embraces the different political goals that offer gender equality. The American women are on the good side as feminism campaign has done them good since it has altered their life. It is through empowerment passivity that open and critical debate has hit the media between feminists and those who are for or against feminism. Such debates are very vital since they bring out the importance of the empowerment by stimulating and rejuvenating the...
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...ting growth through ethical maternal skills and guiding the child to be socially acceptable. She based her feminist principles on these elements that include resistance, reconciliation, peacekeeping, nurturing, and renunciation (Ruddick 13). Works Cited Page, James. Peace education exploring ethical and philosophical foundations. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Pub., 2008. Print. Ruddick, Sara. Maternal thinking: toward a politics of peace. Boston: Beacon Press, 2005. Print Walters, Kerry S. Re-thinking reason: new perspectives in critical thinking. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2004. Print. Warren, Karen, and Duane L. Cady. Bringing peace home: feminism, violence, and nature. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2003....
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...inority group which makes it hard for many people to view it as a major issue. A number of feminist factions have come up over the years fighting to safeguard women on the same opportunities and privileges as men in the society. Such include women being paid the same wage as men for the same job done, women having a say in the policies passed by the government and gives women an opportunity to expand their businesses and careers to levels they never could in the past. Feminism movements have received both the negative and positive reactions depending on the social context and the nature of the individuals themselves. These reactions range from anti-feminists to male chauvinists to pro-feminists. To most people’s surprise, there are men...
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... Feminism If one takes a look at the social environment, one can not help noticing that it is usually comprised of different groups of people, some whom may be oppressed. That is why it is particularly important to facilitate a dialogue between various parts of the population. However, in her essay The Problem of Speaking for Others Linda Alcoff argues this action is no advisable for number of reasons. This paper will analyze these reasons. First of all, it would be important to explain why speaking for other is a problem. Thus, it must be noted that any dialogue is exchange of opinions, but one of the essential parts of this process is also the presence of a certain party that is willing to articulate its position. In other words...
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Feminism and the Role of Women in Society

Women are not satisfied any longer with the role of the mother, house-wife in everyday life. They desire to fulfill themselves in the professional sphere and to become successful and profitable in their career. Women do not want to stay and hope and perform the role, which is expected from them by the society.

Contemporary women want to attain a pinnacle of success in their careers. They want not only to earn their cup of tea but also to satisfy their needs for self-determination and their healthy ambitions. Kristin Luker in her “Dubious Conceptions” touches upon the problem of the influence of feminism on the women's position in the family and their attitude to family values / Luker, 1996/.

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Feminism and Frankenstein

... that populate her novel Frankenstein. The story is presented as a series of letters from Robert Walton to his sister, Margaret Seville, detailing the strange and frightening story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and what occurred after he successfully created a unique yet grotesque life form in a laboratory. While there are numerous themes to be traced throughout the novel, the beginnings of feminism can be traced as well. With an understanding of the concept of feminism as well as some biographical information regarding Mary Shelley herself, it can be seen how the characters of Frankenstein demonstrate the forms and expectations regarding women at the beginning of the 19th century, particularly as can be seen in the characters of Justine...
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Feminism as Archetype for Overcoming Prejudice

... as a “depiction of the male predicament as both parallel to and differing from the women’s situation considerably complicates her comment on the human condition” (15). For feminism, Glaspell is taking a backward motion for her readers. It seems, from the stereotypical way in which her characters interact, that they are static and unchangeable, the men will always be critical and analytical and the women will always be emotional and compassionate. Looking at “Trifles” today, it might be received by a more welcoming audience because more women, and men, are sympathetic to the empathy granted by the feminist movement. For a long time people believed feminism was about hating men because they couldn’t see the value in women...
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Young Women, Feminism, and the Future are several philosophies general to all feminist viewpoints. One philosophy is that sex is socially formed instead of being spontaneously created. This is by keeping in mind that hominids are genetic beings, where our genetic system affects who we are as men and women. Nonetheless, from a womens libber view, there exist a composite interaction between culture and biology and genetic attributes may be transformed by social or environmental settings. Feminism describes gender as arrange of social anticipations that are replicated and transmitted via an aspect of social acquiring. This paper entails an argumentative essay on feminism as social movement. (A-2) A second womens movement philosophy is that gender is a crucial organizing...
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Angela Carter - Women's Sexuality and Violence Linked Through Feminism Writing Skills took a backseat. Through her literary works, she poignantly ridiculed the societal and literary clichés which helped in perpetrating this power imbalance. In The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter employs an absolutely feminist viewpoint to re-tell popular myths and stories. In the stories, Carter reinstates the original elements of the tales—such as the explicit sexuality and the resourceful, strong-minded heroine—but adds a pinch of feminist angle. She stays true to the eternal, ominous foreshadowing of the original, even while modernising it by playing with language and imagination. The Bloody Chamber should be treated as a greater narrative that deals with issues of feminism and transfiguration instead of merely a set of individual...
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Feminism, Sexism, Misogyny, Misandry in the US

...Arizona University. (Jones 8). He seemed to be enjoying his talk but in the real sense, no one enjoyed it. Since women are not well educated compared to men, they end up giving birth too many children. They know nothing to do with contraceptives. Some religions and faiths too do not allow the use of contraceptives, e.g. the Muslims and the Catholics. In careers such as engineering information technology and computer, programming the number of females is less. Women are believed to be studying journalism, public relations and other courses that are why women end up being. Netmums terms feminism as dead. He goes ahead to prove it by saying one out seven women are feminists. The rest have no idea about feminism (Bates 5).How are they...
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The Modern Ideology of Feminism

... with the view given by Ehrlich and Brownmiller, I could observe that not in al grounds do their arguments hold attention in the modern era. Nevertheless, incorporating the studies in my personal experience triggered a question in my mind that – What does feminism thoughts perceive, if considered its fundamental ideologies? Is it not too much concentrated on the bodily constructions of females and males that make them fulfilling to each other and thereby structure the modern ideology of feminism? With reference to the study presented in Gretel Ehrlich, a better understanding to the difference can be developed, wherein the author has been strongly concentrated on occupying her readers’ minds with the masculine features of a cowboy, who...
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Interpretive Theory of Feminism

... that a change in literature depends on how the society changes and therefore is only determined by the upheavals of the social, economic organizations that are representing our culture. The author is more concerned with how we view the past and how it influences feminism. For example, the author argues that women are not just supposed to read the classic books as a way of recreating the past. That is because most of us were not present during the authors time, and we cannot depend on such occurrences to prove the literary skills. The author also believes that the other reason behind pluralism and feminism lack of approach is due to our interpretation of past. For example, the author argues that the literary history is fiction that we end...
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Disney Princess and Feminism

...hildren. In his opinion, the brain structure has changed dramatically in recent times which forced the changes in the thinking patterns. Modern thinking pattern is more of opinion based, tentative and psychological rather than fact based. All these changes in thinking patterns forced Disney to make serious changes in the character of his heroines. This paper argues that technological growth and the growing influence of feminism have forced Disney to make changes portrayal of his heroines. How technology influences the way we think and Disney thinks? As per the views of Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan, digital technologies are capable of changing the way we live and communicate while making profound changes in our brains. In their opinion,...
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Black Feminism

...plaintiffs in discrimination cases are black people, even more cases are filed by black women (Gorski et al. 248). Black women are forced to face the challenges of being black, and the constraints of being a woman in the modern day society simultaneously. This fact has led to the sprouting of black feminism as black women strive to fight for their rights on both levels’ being a woman and being black (Williams 2). According to prominent black feminists, through the propagation of patriarchy, white men have gained the ability to disempower not only other racial groups but also other gender groups (Bobo, Lawrence & Fox 319). By hypersexualizing black women, and portraying black men as instruments of rape, white men...
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