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Self Leadership Personal Profile (This topic is regarding Leadership field) - Essay Example

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Self-Reflection Introduction This paper provides an in-depth analysis about personal and professional development through a holistic approach and a personal reflection on the topic. The paper includes a discussion on factors such as the importance of soft skills at workplace, an analysis of the literature available on self-leadership skills and of my present skills and talents through a 360?…
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Self Leadership Personal Profile (This topic is regarding Leadership field)
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"Self Leadership Personal Profile (This topic is regarding Leadership field)"

Download file to see previous pages Self-leadership Skills Literature Overview Lorenz (2009) defined soft skills as a combination of personal attitudes, qualities, social adaptability and habits, all of which determine the behavioural traits of an employee at workplace. Many studies have revealed that several companies value both soft and hard skills in equal proportions since together these serve as indicators of the overall job performance of an individual. Soft skills, in general, are based on the inherent qualities of an individual and hence the development or improvement of these skills is dependent on the level of motivation and self-awareness possessed by the employee or any other individual. Self-awareness is based on the ability of individuals to assess their soft and hard skills. Through such an assessment, individuals become more aware about their strengths and the areas which they need to develop in order to achieve commendable self-leadership skills. According to Sparrowe (2005), self-leadership skills refer to “authentic leadership” in terms of “self-awareness of one’s fundamental values and purpose”. Leadership is based on self-awareness and a personal recognition and appreciation of an individual’s own personal preferences, personality and habits. In short, for the understanding of those who are relatively new to this concept, self-awareness which is determined through self-assessment constitutes the basis of self-leadership. This is truly reflected in the words of Harrison (n.d.), who states: “True leaders are as keenly – and realistically – aware of their strengths as their limitations”. The most important and primary soft-skills that have been identified include: a diplomatic understanding about team behaviour, motivation of employees, organizational dynamics, possess good communication skills (Brandel, 2006); coordination and execution of various ideas put forth by the team, flexibility, ability to handle work-related stress and risks (DiVincenzo, 2006); strengthen interpersonal relationships, become goal-oriented and focused, committed to organizational values, strong leadership skills which include commitment to work, punctuality and taking responsibility for one’s actions (Kerzner, 1987); possess the capacity to lead an manage team members (Sacco, 2006); the ability to negotiate and plan, if required, in order to reach a consensus (Black, 2006); and the willingness to build networks (Jiang, Klein, & Chen, 2001). Hence soft skills are equally important to hard skills as only these help an individual to increase their work productivity, quality, and self-confidence which would help them achieve success in their career (Lorenz, 2009). And all the above soft skills are also required to develop the leadership skills of an individual. The increasing global changes in the economy have forced organizations to focus on the skills of an individual and in building viable relationships. In such a scenario, the need for individuals with soft skills is significantly rising as it directly correlates to the success of the organization as well as the individual (Sukhoo et al., 2005; Lorenz, 2009). Current Skill Level Self-awareness and knowledge about one’s own skills constitutes a key factor in both personal and professional growth as they would help pave way for better changes and improvements. In my case, I wish to use the feedbacks offered by my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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