How sociological perspective contribute to the relationship between the education and the society - Essay Example

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It also plays an important role in the society as is reflects and influences the society by interacting with the values of the society (Department for Education, 2004). For example,…
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How sociological perspective contribute to the relationship between the education and the society
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Download file to see previous pages of opportunity, the democracy and economy (Department of Education, 2004) and it has been well known that schools could help individuals to be socialized (Meyer, 1977). Therefore, this essay would like to discuss how the sociological perspective might explain the relationship between the education and the society. Particularly, this essay will illustrate this point from these three levels: the social contribution of the physical education, the development of students’ socialization process and the importance of the education to the social equity and development.
This essay will be structured as follows: it starts by talking about the social effect of the physical education followed by the effect on students’ socialization process. After that, this essay will look at the impact on the social equity together with the discussion about the interaction of these three topics. At last, this essay will conclude by illustrating how these three factors work with the relationship between the society and the education.
Physical education deals with the exercise and development of students’ bodies (Kirk et al, 2006). Moreover, it makes students realize the importance of their bodies and the fact that they should take care of their condition in order to maintain clean habits in society. The naturalistic view of the body says that the study of the body could be fully explained by the scientific studies (Shilling, 1993). Thus, the functions of our body and our activity could be understood by biological science thoroughly. In comparison, the sociological perspective argues that the biology could not fully explain the behavior of the body as some activities were determined by the society and the social behavior is a combination of both nature and culture (Evans, 1993; Kirk et al, 2006). Particularly, Giddens (1993) stated that our body is influenced ‘by our social experience as well as the norms and values of the groups to which we belong’. This means that our body is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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