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Critique - about a Private School Issue - Article Example

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However, critiques have not spared noble effort by government, arguing that education as a public good is a bad public good. The question now becomes should…
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Article Critique - about a Private School Issue
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"Critique - about a Private School Issue"

Download file to see previous pages Through review and analysis of available literature concerning education, Shaw (2010) shows that education is a bad public good whose inefficiency as well as infectiveness can only be solved by competition from the private sector (education is also a private good). The article began by highlighting an economist’s assumption that at least education is in portion a public good. Since it has spillover benefits enjoyed by people although they do not pay for; and as result they are probable to be ‘free riders’ on the offered education. Under the present (or at least latest) economic theory, there is an assumption that education will be provided sub-optimally. As a result, the likely under-provision has resulted to the support of the concept that government should intervene to offer education. Today, education at all levels (apart from the initial few years after birth); the government substantially provides education almost everywhere in the world beginning with the United States (Shaw, 2010).
The design of the study bring into perspective studies that have discovered that the problem inherent in this development is quality of services provided by the government, education inclusive, is always poor. Provision of services by government is categorized as a public good. The government offers many services whose beneficiaries do not pay for. Those beneficiaries have a tendency of becoming free riders. They therefore do not offer the monitoring quality they would offer if they paid directly for the service. Roberts and Simpson (2011) have shown that the professional standing of education board members reflect on the overall state education ranking. This illustrates where the poor quality of the public good partly emanates from in support of this the argument that a public good is a bad public good. Referring to the impact of higher education, the author says that “contemporary education has stunted a whole person’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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