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EDLE 640 - Discussion Posts - Essay Example

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Hockaday et al (2000) gives us a definition of Leadership as, ’the act of holding the goals of an organization in one hand, the people of the organization on the other hand and finding a way of…
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EDLE 640 - Discussion Posts
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"EDLE 640 - Discussion Posts"

Download file to see previous pages It differs with the traits approach and argues that a leader is not a superior individual. It further adds that leadership is specific to a specific situation.
Consential leadership teaching also teaches us that leaders should be able to motivate other individuals. Leadership can be viewed as a person having the ability to supervise a team. Leadership activities can include; motivation, honesty and confidence.
Starratt (2003) on leadership in schools argues that in schools, leadership is about developing school programs and ideals that articulate ways of learning and being. Therefore the core resource in a school is the people and the human relationship that arise therein.
The school is made up of a community of people who interact to influence the learning process.One characteristic of a school under bureaucracy is decision making structure. This process is always bureaucratic as the students, teachers and the school administration exist in the structure that decisions made take time to be arrived at by the school executive. Once these decisions are arrived at, they are passed to the teachers who do not question but implement. This is a top-down management style which is very bureaucratic.
Servant leadership in my context as religious individual is giving yourself to serve the church and in turn serve other people. The serving feeling is inborn therefore service to others comes first before leading other people.
R. Greenleaf coined the term ‘servant leadership and to him, service is first then leadership follows up i.e. a servant-leader. He further argues that a servant-leader puts the needs of others first and help people to develop.
The servant leadership I experienced as an Assistant at Western NSW was very effective as my religious upbringing backed it up. Servant leadership is about focusing on the well-being of the people and communities to which I belong to; therefore my experience with working for school children was very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EDLE 640 - Discussion Posts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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