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Parents and children - Essay Example

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According to the study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was revealed that greater than one third of children as well as the adolescents were obese. It…
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Parents and children
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"Parents and children"

Download file to see previous pages Parents bring children to the world, and they have responsibility to control children’s eating patterns. Thus, parents should educate their children having a proper eating practice as they are most influential people over their children’s health (Xinhua News Agency 1).
First, parents have the resemble genes with children. Specifically, the bodies of babies are from their mothers. The most essential part is the face with its main components such as eyes, nose or mouth that are generally similar. It is an innate characteristic that no one could instead of. Besides, the eating habits might be alike. If children’s parents like eating pork, then it’s really possible that their children like that too. According to Parents’ Influence on Children’s Weight-Related Behaviors, Parents who consume fruits and vegetables have children that are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, and parents who consume junk food will more likely have children who do the same (Xinhua News Agency 1). This implies that parents and children have comparable eating behaviors. Children get along with their parents every day, and they imitate and learn many things from parents. For instance, when parents are busy, and they don’t have time to cook, they might buy junk food for themselves. Children will also eat junk food. If parents don’t limit times buying junk food to children, they will be used to eat them and lead to obesity.
Second, parents are the most influential to children because children admire their parents. It was report that among the family members, over 80 percent of children consider their father or mother as the one that influences them most, with 43.1 percent choosing mother and 37.6 percent father (Xinhua News Agency 1).They thought parents know about many things that are from the world; they tell stories and buy gifts to them; they met many people. Besides, once they get fever, parents know which medicine they should eat. All of these behaviors are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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