To compare leadership styles and management styles of three universities in The USA and also to explore the gradual changes on management styles - Essay Example

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The objective is to determine the impact of different management structures and styles on the level of effectiveness in the management of the…
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To compare leadership styles and management styles of three universities in The USA and also to explore the gradual changes on management styles
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"To compare leadership styles and management styles of three universities in The USA and also to explore the gradual changes on management styles"

Download file to see previous pages The theoretical framework of this study will anchor on various theories of organizational management. The theories shall be considered in terms of how they affect matters of policy and practice of management in the identified institutions.
Case reviews on matters of educational management have revealed changing trends in leadership and management across the globe (Bush, 2010, p. 45). There is evidence of a determined shift from the traditional systems of leadership and management, which were more rigid as compared to the current ones that seem to be more flexible. The traditional systems mainly involved a vertical structure in leadership, wherein the leadership was at the top, making important policy and administrative decisions that affected the operations at all levels of the universities administration (Bush, 2010). Educational institutions that adopted exclusivist policies of leadership favored this system. The current systems have evolved to embrace horizontal structures of leadership where policy matters and decision-making are handled at multiple points of the organization’s structure (McCaffery, 2010). These more developed kinds of leadership and management entail some aspect of devolution where power is distributed evenly across various academic institutions. Both systems have important strengths and weaknesses.
The increasing clamor for liberties and the advocacy for rights of the minorities have had significant impact on the levels and nature of leadership in American universities (Bush & Coleman, 2000). Gender and ethnicity are some of the factors that have been brought within the umbrella of the management and leadership structures of American universities (McCaffery, 2010). Such leadership styles have impacted positively on the nature of leadership by embracing certain qualities that are essentially aimed towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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