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Procedures or Methods - Essay Example

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Eating disorders are strong personal conditions that might be triggered, preceded, or exacerbated by a couple of experiences, as well as events (Hodges, 2009). For instance, some high school students may go hungry in response to traumatic events or stresses. Other students binge…
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Procedures or Methods
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"Procedures or Methods"

Download file to see previous pages All in all, eating disorders are a serious problem facing many high school students, and they need to be mitigated. This paper will outline the research methods that can be used to carry out research causes of eating disorders for high school students, and how these disorders can be mitigated.
The research design of this topic included four approaches. They were: which questions to study, which information is applicable, what data to gather, and how to evaluate the findings. The best research plan depends on the research question plus the orientation of the researchers (Discovery Education, 2009). Every design, however, has its negative and positive sides. In this particular study, the researcher can first identify the questions that need to be answered through research. The next step would entail finding out which information is applicable and useful. The research can then discern the data to gather, after which he or she can come up with ways of evaluating the validity of the findings.
Students’ chances for developing bulimia or anorexia were assessed through the Eating Attitudes Test-26 (EAT-26). This test was developed by Garner and colleagues in 1982 (Hodges, 2009). The test is a 26-item questionnaire split into three subscales, dieting, oral control, as well as bulimia, which is commonly used to monitor peoples eating behaviors and attitudes that are associated with nutrition disorders. Higher scores reveal more disordered behaviors and attitudes than lower scores. Scores of 15 to 26 show a medium level of threat for developing a nutrition disorder. Scores of 27 and beyond, on the other hand, signify a high level of risk for developing a nutrition disorder. The Eating Attitudes Test-26 has been authorized in various age groups and cultures, and would therefore be the best research instrument in finding out the causes of eating disorders and how they can be mitigated (Hodges, 2009). For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Procedures or Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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