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Often one needs to be inspired or motivated to be able to perform properly the assigned task which is needed to be accomplished. Others may have the notion that the compliments…
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Motivating and Lying
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Lies Used for Motivation Every person has his or her own different way to keep up in a very fast-paced and challenging life. Often one needs to be inspired or motivated to be able to perform properly the assigned task which is needed to be accomplished. Others may have the notion that the compliments given to another is just a lie just to improve one’s feelings or even its confidence.
Lies Used for Motivation
In a very competitive world, a person often needs inspiration and motivation to be able to provide the desired outcome which is required in a particular task. According to Gorman (2004), “motivation deals with the causes of people’s behavior, it attempts to explain why we behave in the way that we do.” There are instances when a person needs words of encouragement to feel better towards the things that surrounds him. Often, the motivational statements are true however there are times when the statements are false or considered as a lie. When the statement is not yet discovered to be false, the person who the statement was addressed would definitely feel uplifted, inspired and motivated. However, when the falsehood of the statement is exposed, either the person whom the message was addressed to will feel betrayed or used depending on the extent of the events that happened prior to exposure or the statement will be taken as a form of non-sense and the effects of it can be disregarded.
Most commonly, it is the instinct theory of motivation which is used especially in the professional aspect of a person’s life. As expressed by Comer & Gould (2012) that “behavior is motivated by instincts.” Once said it is safe to conclude that there is that concealed motivation within a person. Either these motivation bundles just need some push to be opened or a tickle to function at the right moment. Or there are instances that when a person sees a good opportunity that is when motivation attacks and the person is given more enthusiasm towards certain events. It will be quite disappointing though when a falsehood in a motivational statement is found however when in the long run the “lie” resulted into a positive action from the person and began to make changes in one’s life, it would not matter anymore because it made realization within the self of one’s capabilities and understandings.
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