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The Concept of Motivating Using Two Models - Essay Example

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The paper tells that the Company uses a number of methods to motivate its workforce. This research is being carried out to explain the concept of motivation using two recognized models and evaluate the methods British Airways uses to motivate its workforce…
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The Concept of Motivating Using Two Models
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Motivating Using Two Models"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates five core traits that every job must possess, and these include, skill variety, task significance, feedback, task identity as well as autonomy. As the name suggests, skill variety is that quality of work that allows workers to apply various talents, abilities, and skills; a fine balance must be struck by the organization. If it gives employees too much variety, they could be overwhelmed but if it gives them few ones, then they could be bored. Task identity refers to the holistic nature of a task with regard to the whole production process while task significance refers to the quality of contributing to something beyond oneself. The five factors have the ability to influence an employee’s psychological state at three levels, and these include the meaningfulness, knowledge of results and the responsibility for outcomes. Responsibility means that a worker has been given enough freedom to make changes to certain things and learn as they perform their tasks; they tend to appreciate being able to succeed or fail. Meaningfulness implies engaging in labor that means something to the worker; it should be more than a series of movements that can be repeated. This quality is paramount in creating intrinsic motivation or motivation that is only associated with work rather than with external factors; here employees see it as a means to an end. Knowledge of the outcomes is also another crucial psychological state for two primary reasons: learning and giving purpose to work. If a person knows the outcomes of their effort, they are likely to know what it takes to succeed and thus learn from their wrongs. Furthermore, knowing outcomes gives purpose to work as it enables the employee or provider of input to form an association between what they do and the outputs or clients. This means that they will not be disconnected from their work and will know that even though their roles are seemingly small, they lead to large outcomes in the company.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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