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My passion for education. Why become an educator - Essay Example

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It does not matter how big or small it is or how it impacts everything else or if does not. Consider a small bee that works all its life to serve its queen and making honey. It seems very meaningless at a glance; it is just an insect…
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Extract of sample "My passion for education. Why become an educator"

Download file to see previous pages A society is a place where human beings work together to form a livable environment. It’s a place where everyone has a role to play. But what shapes a society? Well the people obviously! But who shapes these people? The answer is teachers.
From the point of our birth to the end of our lives we keep learning new things, big or small, it does not matter. In our childhood our energies are high and we perceive this world as a place of abundant knowledge but what knowledge is important? This is something that is pointed out by our teachers. What to learn what not to learn. Our teachers shape our minds, open our imaginations and give us the belief and the tools to learn. A teacher quite literally shapes the future.
I want to be a teacher because of all these things. Today our world is falling into chaos. Nations are at their wits ends, wars are being waged, hunger, famine and much more. This is all because we fail to look forward to the future. The children of today are the future of this world, so I feel like it is my responsibility to step up and take charge. I feel responsible to mold these young minds for a better and stronger future- a future filled with happiness!
Becoming an educator has a lot to do with passion and skill. There is no doubt that anyone can have any sort of passion but being an educator requires a lot of skill. It’s about passing on your own knowledge in an effective way. In a way that the receiver of that education not only absorbs the meaning of it but also develops the urge to further study it. I have that passion in me and I definitely have the skill as well. There is also a concept of morality behind the desire to be an educator. Whenever we go out in the search of truth and somehow find it we share it with the world because if we did not we would have still been in the dark ages.
If Heisenberg had not shared his uncertainty principle or if Schrodinger had not shared the knowledge of his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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