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In the paper “Learning English as a Second language” analyzes the necessity and difficulties of learning English as a second language. He concluded that it is possible to acquire perfect English through ESL studies. Success in the program depends on personal determination and techniques applied to study.
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Learning English as a Second language
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Download file to see previous pages As a second language, English can be learnt in two basic methods. Firstly, the language can be learnt through acquisition. This method of learning English takes place through interaction with native speakers. The method also involves practicing and imitations whereby the learner tries to copy the native speakers (Blackshire 123). Studying through a classroom setting is the second method through which a person can learn English as a second language. Unfortunately, I had to go through this procedure in order to become an English speaker and I always wish I had taken the first method. This perception concerning learning English through a class room setting always appeared as an inappropriate idea until recently when I held a conversation with one of my former teachers. During the encounter, the teacher informed me that had I opted for the first method, I would be in a far worse condition than I am right now. From the conversation, I realized that studying how to speak a language is equally important to learning how to write in the same language. I also realized that through the classroom setting there were measures that I could use to measure my progress unlike in the acquisition method where it is difficult to measure progress. These measures also acted as a source of motivation and challenges through my entire studentship. After discussing the issue of learning English as a second language with my teacher, I realized a change in my perception towards the standard of spoken English (Rokeach 34). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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