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The education system compare and contrast 2 countries(USA&UK) - Essay Example

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There is no universally accepted definition of the term education but, education can generally be defined as the process of gaining knowledge and morals. It, therefore, follows that an education system is the formalized spread of knowledge and principles within a specific…
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The education system compare and contrast 2 countries(USA&UK)
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Download file to see previous pages According to the national curriculum, there are four key stages in the education system. The first and second stages combined, form the primary level of education, comprising of learners between the ages of five to eleven year. Stages three and four make up the secondary level and comprise of learners between the ages of eleven and fourteen year. Throughout the above stages, standard assessment tests are regularly administered to learners. The last key stage is the GCSE in which, students learn English, maths, citizenship, Information Technology, science and physical education. At the end, learners take the GCSE examinations in each subject.
At the higher education stage, learners may opt to further their education by enrolling in vocational colleges or pursue secondary education for another year. Entry into universities in the United Kingdom, however, requires students to study for two more years then sit the Advanced Level examinations. Undergraduate degrees take three years to complete, one year for a master’s degree or two years for a research master’s degree. A doctorate takes three years to complete while professional courses such as teaching, medicine and law take five years. In the United Kingdom students are not ranked within their study year, rather, the GCSE, SCE, AS and A-level exams are used to assess their performance.
The education system of the United Kingdom is advantageous in that; it provides in-depth learning of a particular discipline. This is especially useful for a student wishing to specialise in a particular field especially at the university. Another advantage is that education is relatively cheap since it is state funded. A disadvantage, though, is the number of subjects taught to children at the primary stage, which is seen to be too much for such young brains to handle.
In the United States, the structure of the education system incorporates; primary, secondary and higher successively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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