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Interview Reflection - Essay Example

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First of all, I learned that as a teacher I have a very big role to play in the lives of my students. My duties do not end in the classroom but rather I have a more encompassing role. I realize that…
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Interview Reflection
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"Interview Reflection"

Download file to see previous pages As a teacher, I am no longer a mere instructor. I am also a counselor to the students who will help them become well-rounded individuals of society.
Another important point which struck me in the interview is the realization that a teacher’s job is never easy. A teacher is challenged by the differences of his students. He will have to adjust his teaching style especially if he has students with special needs. He must be able to attend to the average kids and yet not neglect the needs of the special children. It is not easy because the teacher has to modify his teaching style to address the special concerns and be fair to all his students in class.
The knowledge of content is very essential in my role as a teacher. Before I teach the subject, I must have ample time to prepare. I must be really knowledgeable on the subject matter so as not to misinform my students. Regular meetings with other teachers who teach the same subject in the same grade level is necessary to have a standardized lesson plan. It also doubles up as a support group for us teachers. Any problems which we encounter can be better resolved if we have discussion forums.
The knowledge of the role of a school is something which every teacher must put in mind. As teachers, we should realize that a school is an important institution of society. It is in the school where a child is prepared for their future roles in society. It is the institution which lays the foundation which the child needs to be a responsible citizen of the country. As such, the government should allot a huge budget in the improvement of the educational system of the nation. The school must be able to provide the students with updated textbooks and educational materials through the appropriate funding from the government. If the government fails to give ample funds to schools, they cannot expect the schools to produce students who are at par with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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