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Children Discipline for a Negative Behavior - Essay Example

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This paper is primarily based on a largely spoken and liberally researched issue regarding the way the children should be disciplined in an order to make them respectable citizens of the society. Facts presented in this paper are basically meant to illuminate the reality of the problem…
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Children Discipline for a Negative Behavior
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"Children Discipline for a Negative Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages (Michael and Pearl) lay stress on the fact that one of the major reasons why most of the parents get exasperated and end up beating up their children is because they never take care to discipline them in their early stages and keep waiting for the time until their children start displaying negative behavior. First, they are themselves not highly responsible about meeting up with many needs and demands of their children owing to their excessively busy schedule and consequently, when things start spiraling out of control, they think of no other option but to beat up their children in the hope that this way, they will learn their lessons fast. This is a deplorable strategy practiced by many parents. What is needed is that the emotional maturity level of the parents should be much higher than their child’s, so that they can keep up with the demands of their child in an effective manner. After implementing this strategy, a couple suggested in the research report that “I can't believe it; we went to a friend's house, and when I told my children to do something, they immediately, without question, obeyed.” ( illuminates the need to discipline the children with love and understanding by presenting a real example of a mother who loved to discipline her child by regular spanking and physical abuse. In fact, that mother was so over indulged by disciplining children with violence that she had a firm belief that spanking should be an undisputed part of any disciplinary strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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