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Fox in Socks - Essay Example

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Use the observational checklist below to evaluate whether the student understands rhyming and provide feedback to students based on what is observed. Additional lessons on rhyming may be required later in the unit depending upon the results…
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Fox in Socks
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Extract of sample "Fox in Socks"

Fox in Socks s) Language Arts Dr. Suess Unit Grade level(s K-3 Lesson Duration: 40-55 min. National Standards (as required by subject area)
Assessment of objective (s)
K-3.9 Create rhyming words in response to an oral prompt.
1-3.9 Create rhyming words in response to an oral prompt.
2-5.4 Create written pieces (for example, rhymes, poems, and songs) to entertain others.
3.5 Create written pieces (for example, riddles and jokes) to entertain others
Students will generate rhyming words for fox.
Students will create their own tongue twisters.
Observational checklist
Fox in Socks
Pre-lesson (attention gaining) activity (10-15 min.)
Play Rhyme Time with class, having leader give the word and pass the ball, each student giving a rhyming word or passing until the game goes full circle, then the next person gets to choose a word.
Introduction (Stimulus Material) (15 min.)
Bring students to the carpet
Introduce title of book that the class will be working with : Fox in socks
"What do you notice about this title?" (It rhymes)
"Were going to be doing a lot with rhyming today."
"What are some other words you can think of that rhyme with fox, besides socks? If youve got a rhyme, raise your hand."
Record rhyming words on paper/board
As we go through the story, keep a lookout for these words, I bet well find most of them! If we come across some words in the book that we didnt think of, we can add them."
Procedure (15 min.)
"If youre not already sitting criss-cross, quickly get into position. It will be necessary for the second activity were going to be doing while I read you the book."
Do read aloud with Fox in Socks
(Instruct students to clap when they hear Knox and slap their knees when they hear Fox)
(Cross off/highlight words on list as they are read in book, after children point them out)
"Fox in Socks is a book that is made up of tongue twisters, phrases that are really hard to say. Another example of a tongue twister is "rubber baby buggy bumpers" can you think of any others?
Closure (Eliciting behavior) (10 min)
"Now, its time to come up with your own tongue twisters."
"You may write them down, to make them easier to remember, but it isnt required."
"In ten minutes, well stop and Ill ask some volunteers to share."
Give students time to come up with their own tongue twisters, then allow a few students to share.
Use the observational checklist below to evaluate whether the student understands rhyming and provide feedback to students based on what is observed. Additional lessons on rhyming may be required later in the unit depending upon the results.
Name of Student
Knew a rhyming word for "fox"
Included rhyming words in his/her tongue twister
Successfully used alliteration in tongue twister (Advanced) Read More
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