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School management - Scholarship Essay Example

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This course unit combines elements of accounting, economics, and political economy into an interesting framework - the Value Added Framework, which is used to analyse, understand, and interpret corporate structure and behaviour. Through the value added framework we develop an understanding of key concepts and techniques which allow an analysis and interrogation of both the internal (e.g…
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School management
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"School management"

Download file to see previous pages The unit serves as a foundation for years 2 and 3.
How a Value Added Framework can explain the UK's economic decline; Value Added: its calculation and its importance; How do markets work' Using markets for cost recovery; New technology, direct exports and Globalisation to increase cost recovery;
Using annual report and accounts to analyse a business; Institutional conditions and their impact on business; Using the Value Added Framework: (a) The case of privatisation; (b) Structural factors and how they affect business.
Within these themes we separate and de-contextualise the key areas of market, productive and financial performance. Later we reinstate context in order to first, investigate the institutional conditions and secondly, examine how both internal and external forces affect the firm/industry.
The lectures are organised into three themes with each lecture introducing and developing a new topic/issue or debate while steadily contextualising our understanding to show inter-relations between topics/issues. Before attending each lecture you are expected to read at least one article related to the topic area in addition to the course textbook readings (see lecture programme).
The worThe workshops provide the opportunity to discuss issues related to the lecture and to develop your understanding of the topic while deepening grasp of the subject. The teaching structure will vary but will include discussion of key issues and a small individual/group presentation. During most weeks you will receive a worksheet which you must complete for the following weeks' workshop as it will serve as a basis for discussion. Additionally, you must present a short case study based on a company.

Key Bibliography:
Individual sets of readings are indicated for each week of the course. Recommended textbook:
Haslam, C. and Neale, A. (2000) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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